Antons SEO contests

If you are interested in wich SEO contests that I have joined, you will find all about it here. By Anton Johansson.

Hey there. V7ndotcom elursrebmem is  like my other things, really god. Why i´m doing this? I like my page winning a competition in SEO- thats why. 

Just a thougt about SEO. Why blogs get so high in the search-listings is because they are easy. Cronogical order and many links to the blog will make your site up in the listnings. If you do that with your other sites you will get a very high pagerank...

I can not win that I´m sure of. But it is worth a try. Infortinelly i don´t do this to win. I will just try to see how far up I can go in Google with the keywords v7ndotcom elursrebmem. 

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Sökmotoroptimeringstävling, Expressn, Aftonbladhet, Internetvärd och Svenska Dagbladhet 

A new contest have started, wich is only for Swedes! It is some special things with the contest. For the first must the contest- domain be new, and don´t contain any of the search expressions. That one special thing to, it is five search expressions in the contest. The keywords is: sökmotoroptimeringstävling, expressn, internetvärd, aftonbladhet and Svenska Dagbladhet.

As you see two words with the swedish letters ä and ö. Some say that I gonna win, some say that Nikke gonna win. I don´t know but of course is I´m hoping get a top position! Please visit my site:


Astromusicologie 101.

I come third in Astromusicologie 101 SEO contest! 200$ may not be much for some people but for a student like me it is really nice cash. If you wish to se my site that come third, please visit Astromusicologie 101.

Carcasherdotcom Seocontest

A real big contest called Carcasherdotcom seocontest has also started, and I have joined that to. It end at 1st december and the prizes are the best in the history of all SEO contests! I don´t now how it gonna go in carcasherdotcom seocontest but of course I gonna give it a try. As extra bonus they also give prizes every month to they that have the first position in Google, Yahoo and MSN. That would be nice!

Precharge Projectnet

Well. When my freind Esteban Panzera joined the Precharge Projectnet SEO contest and I thougt it would be nice to help him. But when I see that it not were so many in Precharge Projectnet was I decided to try myself with some blogs. There we are and if you wish to see one of the sites that I work hardest with, please visit Precharge Projectnet blog.