Virtual Reality serves cognitive therapies                                                                                     

Welcome on AGATHE project website

AGATHE is a collaborative research project funded by the French National Research Agency in the framework of the 2009 TecSan progamme.

Coordinator : Evelyne KLINGER


AGATHE project's goal is to provide an original tool for cognitive rehabilitation aiming activities of daily living and autonomy. Based on virtual reality technologies, AGATHE is designed for both components of rehabilitation: assessment and therapy.

AGATHE takes place in the fight against dependency due to the impact of cognitive disorders on daily life.

Its purposes are: Integration of new use in therapeutic practice; Friendliness of use for the therapist and for the patient;   Objectives customization to fit patient capabilities.

AGATHE leads to the reinforcement of the know-how and the expertise of the project partners as well as the opening of new markets for industrial partners' technologies.   


  • Personalized approaches of rehabilitation, based on virtual and configurable activities of daily living.
  • Real time follow-up and supervisory control of patient activity and progress.
  • Ability to take into account a wide range of cognitive pathologies.
  • A tool accessible to all, focusing on autonomy recovery.
  • Consortium of partners with complementary competences in the field of care, research and engineering .
  • Use of industrial technological platforms (Dassault Systèmes 3DVIA Studio and Intempora RTMaps) in order to reduce development time and to facilitate deployment.
  • Handling of implementation and care costs.


AGATHE tool provides a new approach of cognitive rehabilitation which relies on virtual reality technologies.

Its use takes place in a global and interactive approach of cognitive abilities within simulated activities of daily living.

AGATHE allows the therapists to customize experiences to facilitate abilities recovery.

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