I'm an assistant  professor  in Economics (associate professor habilitation)  at Department of Economics Management and  Quantitative  Methods  at University of  Milan (ITALY) and   research associate at LABORatorio Riccardo Revelli-CCA.   My main research areas  are in Labor  Economics and  Applied Econometrics.

      Collective Bargaining and the Evolution of Wage Premia Dispersion in Italy, with Francesco Devicienti and Bernardo Fanfani ,  workINPS paper n°12  (2018) British Journal of Industrial Relations, https://doi.org/10.1111/bjir.12444
2) Rent sharing, Hold-up and Wages: Evidence from Matched Panel Data with David Card and Francesco Devicienti, (2014).   The Review of Economic Studies
3) “The Resurrection of the Italian wage curve” con Francesco Devicienti e Lia Pacelli,  Economic Letters, vol.98, issue 3, March 2008
“Downward wage rigidity in Italy: Evidence and Consequences ”, con F. Devicienti e P. Sestito, The Economic Journal,
November 2007


Gender Quota on Corporate Boards and Gender Differentials within firm:  evaluation of the Golfo- Mosca  law using Italian Employer-Employee database ( 2019)   with Andrea Weber ( CEU – Budapest) – workINPS,  submitted
Media coverage: FAZ 2.2.2019, IZA Newsroom

 How to get out of the starting gate on the right foot: employment and earnings effects of investment in human capital (2018) with Daniela Sonedda, close to submission
     Temporary Workers, Educational Mismatch and Firm Productivity (2017), con  Cristina Tealdi (Heriot-Watt University, Edimburgh), submitted
Survey Design and Response Analysis: a Study on Happiness, Life Satisfaction and Well-being in Piedmont, a Region of Italy, con  Anna Maffioletti e Francesco Scacciati (2013) LABORatorio Riccardo Revelli wp n°131 submitted