AGARFA has been on the road for many years. He integrates a modern culture-music blended with spiritual sound. 

Agarfa Town Hall

AGARFA has been planted in Denmark and reforming his missing link of the roots in African and modern European music. He has shared his music ideal and experiences with different artist such as Lenny Kravitz and Izzy Stradlin. Looking forward, Agarfa looks to the environment of the planet which we all care for. 

In 1996 Agarfa released his first CD "Firebody", together with Continental Heat, which was applauded by the modern culture-music community. "Firebody" connects to the style of the planet. Since then has seen the release of "We Don't Let Them" in 2006. Today Agarfa's music is also available as digital downloads and on youtube. 
The flavour of the music is a blended mix from African inspiration added with the taste of its own.