Fauna at Agara Kere

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Black necked Ibis May 2016

Black winged Stilt May 2017

Bronze winged Jacana May 2016

Eurasian(or Common Indian) Coot Sep 2013 

Little Cormorant Oct 2013

Little Grebes Sept 2014

Nesting Spotbilled Pelicans and Cormorants in the island - Oct 2016

Painted Storks Sept 2014

Purple heron pair May 2016

Pond Heron - breeding plummage May 2016

Pheasant Tailed Jacana Pair May 2016 

Purple Heron with snake catch Sept 2014 

Purple Moor Hen Feb 2016

Red wattled lapwig May 2016

Spotted Bill Pelican Sept 2013

spot bill duck pair 

African land snail Oct 2013