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Chronology of significant events - Modern Agara Lake

  •  7-Jul-2013 Agara Lake - Walk the Walkathon – Several Hundreds of citizens walked and cleaned the lake. Among the dignitaries who joined where Mr. Kaushik Mukherjee, Principal Secretary, GO Karnataka, Mr. Ravi Ralph, CEO, LDA. 
  • Some media coverage -  Link Link Link  Link Link 
  • 25-Jul-2013 Mr. Yellappa Reddy and Dr. Harini Nagendra - noted environmentalists addressed the citizens at the Agara lake premises.  Mr Reddy pointed out that there were upto 40 species of birds present in the Agara Lake during a research between 1983 and 1987. He stressed the need for rejuvenation of the lake's ecosystem with minimum human intervention. Dr Harini called for coexistence of all stake holders with the biodiversity, with more participation from the Agara Villagers. There were a few citizens from the Agara village who participated. She also mentioned that there were mention of the Agara lake as old as the 7 th century.
  • 10.07.2013 - Registration of ALPMS 
  • 28-Jul-2013 - Another initiative by citizens - The 3.1 km walking/jogging track has been cleared for the HSR citizens.. Thanks to citizens who contributed the JCB.
  •  ·  01.08.2013 - Induction of Home Guards to lake security by LDA. ALPMS has donated bicycles for the security for round the clock vigilance.  

    ·  27.08.2013 - Meeting and submitting of memorandum to Commissioner, BBMP 

    ·  29.08.2013 - Meeting and submitting of memorandum to Hon. Chief Minister Mr Siddaramaiah to take up  restoration of Agara Lake

    ·  07.09.2013 - Visit of Chief Minister to Agara Lake during his city inspection tour. CM instructed the concerned officials to initiate report for lake restoration within 8 months while addressing the public. Member of Parliament Mr. Ananth Kumar was alo present among other dignitaries. 

    ·  23.09.2013 - Meeting with MP Mr Ananth Kumar at his office,  submitted memorandum for sanction of 25 lakhs as promised during CM's visit.

    ·         Planting of 240 fruit yielding tree saplings at lake island by engaging coracle and labours. Trees donated by www.treesforfree.org

    ·  Oct 2013, Week 1 - Preparation of concept plan for restoration of Agara Lake with the help of subject experts involving people from Koramangala initiative. A series of meetings held.

    ·  Water samples collected from lake and given to BWSSB Lab for testing and results received.

    ·  Requested Oxford institute of Science, HSR Layout for periodical analysis of water samples.

    ·  15.10.2013 - Submission of concept plan to LDA with ppt from Dr Ravishankar, Env Engineer. ALPMS's proposal to the government dated 15th October 2013, for the restoration of Agara Lake, can be seen here.

    ·  17.10.2013 - Meeting with Dy Speaker, Karnataka Legsilative Assembly. Requested him to become a patron, and to speed up the works.

    ·  24.10.2013 - Meeting organized by Dy Speaker at Vidhana Soudha. All departments heads were present including Mr Kaushik Mukherjee, Addl. Chief Secretary.  Meeting outcome- No STP at Agara Lake, DPR will be prepared by Govt.  also involving citizens.

    ·  Watering of plants, removal of  parthenium, civil work like increasing height of water inlet at sluice gate , providing mesh to prevent plastic etc , temporary check post at main gate near HSR Flyover, clearing of bamboo etc were undertaken by ALPMS.

    ·  LDA has started cleaning of  the fence, alum pond, repaired sluice gates, and some deweeding work were undertaken.

    ·  07.11.2013 - Principal Secretary(Mr Siva Sailam), Dept of Forest, Ecology & Environment called a meeting of all the stake holders to discuss the restoration of Agara Lake.  ALPMS participated in the meeting and presented its citizens concept plan.

    ·  29.11.2013 - Voluntary event organized involving 400 volunteers from M/s. Delloite – 150 saplings planted, cleaning and deweeding works done.

    ·  05.12.2013 - LDA had requested ALPMS to give a list of works to be included in the DPR.  The same was finalized with detailed discussions and forwarded to LDA.

    ·  Dec 2013 - LDA is in the process of calling for tenders for Expression of Interest for preparing DPR.

    ·  03.02.2014 - ALPMS meet new LDA CEO for status update. It is understood that the DPR is still in progress. Work of technical evaluation/qualification of tender & bids in progress, it is understood. Tentative date for start of civil work is understood to be in Jun 2014.  ALPMS has requested that short term priority work for diverting monsoon rain water from HSR Layout catchment be done prior to that. This has been agreed upon.    

  • 04-Mar-2014 LDA has floated a national tender calling for consultants for detailed DPR for Agara lake – Clear Government intention to revive the lake.

    • Jun-2014 – A few citizens meet the Govt. officials and raised concerns regarding the proposal for a Sewage Treatment Plant inside the Lake Bed. Government officials agree not to proceed with the proposal for an STP within the lake bed.
    • Jul – 2015 – Creation of a mini forest - Thanks to saytrees org, LDA and volunteers - 300 trees planted at the vicinity (opp Agara lake, near Freedom school.
    • Feb 6 – 2016 - Finally some thing to cheer for the Agara lake lovers. After 4 yrs of possession, LDA has floated a tender calling bidders to rejuvenate the lake. Tender for Phase 1 Core works floated for Rs. 5.5 crores.
    • May – 2016 Update on Lake Rejuvenation - per current LDA head, there has been a new litigation claim by the private agency M/s Biota systems who were entrusted with the lake upkeep in 2005. This party lost possession by a court verdict in 2011 and has now approached court to claim the lake custody.
    • Jul – 2016 Ms. Souharda Infra Pvt Ltd, has won the contract to execute the Phase 1 core works – de-watering of the lake, de-silting, remodeling of the wetland, erecting chain link fence through out the lake boundaries, construction of all weather walk path and,cycle track. This phase of works are expected to be completed by Mar 2018.
    • Non core Phase 2 woks like toilet blocks,3 main gates, store room, security rooms, floating fountains, idol immersion tanks,  pedal boats, childrens park, landscaping, electrification, water supply lines, drainage etc. have also been initiated under the supervision of senior officials from the forest department.  
    • Aug – 2016 275 saplings were planted within the Agara Lake on 27-08-2016. Courtesy - Volunteers from Oracle India Ltd. , CEO LCDA, Mr. Vidyasagar, M/s Kavitha Reddy, ALPMS for co-ordination.
    • Dec 2016 Lake de-watering and de-silting has been started. Requested Lake Authority not to break this giant wall constructed in 2000, instead pump the water out if they indeed need to de-water.
    • Jan 2017 De-weeding and de-silting of upper lake (bio filter) in progress
    • April – 2017 Dewatering almost complete. De-silting and bund strengthening happened at a tremendous pace. Kudos for the Govt. Leadership for allocating funds and the LCDA leadership for the super fast execution.
    • Jul – 2017 De-silting completed. Monsoon arrives before schedule, Lake starts and ready to receive copious rains of this year!
    • Sept – 2017 - Several Date palm trees have been planted by the Forest Dept. The lake is in its full capacity(past glory) first time after the de-silting efforts by the Lake Dev Authority. Other core works – walkway leveling, construction in progress.
    • Oct-2017 700 saplings planted in the area between the open drain and Green View Hospital road.This area is reclaimed from the garbage dumpers. Courtesy www.saytrees.org. Authorised by Ms. Seema Garg, LDCA, Mr. Veeranna, Forest Dep, GO Karnataka, facilitated by ALPMS. Thanks to the volunteers and sponsors- Oracle India, Tesco.  

    Chief  Minister of Karnataka Mr. Siddaramaiah inaugurating the rejuvenated Agara Lake facilities - 04 March 2018 

    The CM after inaugurating the modern Agara Kere - 04-Mar-2018

    ALPMS thank every one who worked for the formation of the modern Agara Lake. 
    Special Thanks to Mr. Kausik Mukherjee - Ex Chief Secretary GOK. Ex CEOs LDCA - Mr. Vidyasagar, Mr. Sivanna, Mr. Ravi Ralph and current incumbent Ms. Seema Garg. 
    ALPMS also thank all the officials of the LDCA, Forests Dept, BDA, BBMP etc. as well.

    LDCA and forest Dept officials after inauguration of Agara lake(04 March 2018)  

    The Modern Agara Lake