AG (ANNA GARDNER)Antiques and Appraisers, 125 Jones Street, Oakville SCROLL DOWN FOR MAP AND SLIDE SHOW!

Find out why AG Antiques and Appraisers is called one of the "prettiest shops in the entire area".   We're literally three blocks from the remarkable Bronte harbour area.  Visit us and then take a tour of burgeoning Bronte.  It's a village on its way up! 

A Tour of Anna Gardner's Shop in Oakville.

Anna Gardner invites you to visit her shop today!

 We buy the best in silver, artwork, porcelain, fine English and Continental furniture, and precious objects.  NEWS:  WE NOW RENT TO FILM/TV PRODUCTION COMPANIES.  GREAT TERMS, GREAT SERVICE, AND QUALITY ITEMS GUARANTEED TO BE PRECIOUS ANTIQUES.  All from AG ANNA GARDNER ANTIQUES.



AG Antiques,125 Jones St, Oakville, ON

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