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php extensions for Nas4Free (Freenas7.x)

PHP, need for work any standart web constructions, as PhpMyAdmin, PhpPgAdmin, Wordpress, Drupal, Owncloud and many others
Connect to Freenas over ssh, becowse WebGui do not work

# pkg_add -r php5-extensions

# pkg_add -r php5-xmlrpc

# pkg_add -r php5-gettext

# pkg_add -r php5-mcrypt

# pkg_add -r php5-mbstring

# pkg_add -r php5-zip

# pkg_add -r php5-gd

# pkg_add -r php5-zlib

Extensions need for MySQL

# pkg_add -r php5-pdo_mysql

# pkg_add -r php5-mysql

# pkg_add -r php5-mysqli

Extensions need for PostgreSQL

# pkg_add -r php5-pgsql

# pkg_add -r php5-pdo_pgsql

Package need for  CMS net2ftp

# pkg_add -r php5-ftp.

Now need to check installed configuration. Fire up web server and put home directory for exampe as /tmp.
Create file /tmp/index.php with content     <?php  phpinfo(); ?>
Check all installed exception, and check date time output. If server wrote about error or warning, must add to /usr/local/etc/php.ini  any location.  Working location