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    Sample for 2-level share

    For test, and help ( click - able all)

    How it work

    All users can create in your home directory folders and files. They can remove created by them. Other users can not see what the user has made in its own directory
    In addition, users have access to shared folders public and family , the user1, user2 and user3 have access to  folders public and family, and the users4, user5, only the public folder
    Folders public and family inside user folder is virtual folders. All files from them stored in shared folder with same name.
    For example
    data/user1/public ---> data/public
    data/user5/public ---> data/public


                mkdir -p /mnt/data/me/public
                mkdir -p /mnt/data/brother/public
                mkdir -p /mnt/data/father/public
                mkdir -p /mnt/data/friend1/public
                mkdir -p /mnt/data/friend2/public
                mkdir /mnt/data/me/family
                mkdir /mnt/data/brother/family
                mkdir /mnt/data/father/family
                mkdir /mnt/data/family
                mkdir /mnt/data/public

    defined users

    Each user defined as

    pathes  to user's  home dirs 
    /mnt/data/me   -     for user me
    /mnt/data/brother ...... brother
    /mnt/data/father ...... father
    /mnt/data/friend1 ...... friend1
    /mnt/data/friend2 ....... friend2

    Samba share ( I define only one samba share, no need hidden share )

    uncheck permissions inherit and add auxiliary parameters as create mask = 0664 and directory mask = 0775