Masala Cooking Show

masala cooking show
    cooking show
  • A TV cooking show is a television program that presents the preparation of food, in a kitchen on the studio set.
  • A dish flavored with this
  • Masala (also transliterated as "massala") ;; is a term used in South Asian cuisines (including Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani cuisines) to describe a mixture of spices.
  • MASALA (Massachusetts Area South Asian Lambda Association) is a New England-based organization for "Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, and Questioning" people of South Asian ethnicity. It was founded in 1992 and is the only organization designed specifically for all queer South Asians in New England.
  • Masala is a term given to films of Indian cinema that mix various genres in one film; especially action. Typically these films freely mix action, comedy, drama, romance and melodrama. These films tend to be musicals that include songs filmed in picturesque locations.
  • Any of a number of spice mixtures ground into a paste or powder for use in Indian cooking

The Eunuch Bonding
The Eunuch Bonding
had visitors today the eldest son of Peersaab Fakhru Miya Hujra no 6 Ajmer Sharif was in town dropped in to visit me , Farid Miya , in modern clothes his fathers devoted Murid Sarfaraz Khan, saw the Eunuch pictures on the monitor that I was working on that time.. Farid Miya said , Firoze Bhai the Hijdas seem to follow you everywhere. I stoppped my photoshopping posting and took them home for lunch, my wife had made excellent jumbo fried prawns , dal with vegetable dumplings chicken masala, she was not aware I was bringing guests for lunch, but we believe every morsel has the name written on it of the person who will eat it, this despite the cook being on leave.. I came back to the shop , showed them a few pictures of Ajmer taken last year dropped them in a rick ..they are staying at Juhu, house of Zaved Akthar..Peersaab is in Bangladesh for his spiritual discourse. I took a shot nap , its 4.30 pm.. In the picture are the Eunuchs of Kamatipura.. having a Ball. The gatecrasher is Man.. in the frame is voyeuristic Man.. shooting this is also a Man.
thali - with naan out of shot..
thali - with naan out of shot..
this is from a little indain restaurant on liverpool road in ashfield. $12(oz) lunch special - pretty good but not as good value as a maya thali (clevland st) - i took some more creative angle shots but this straight one best shows what was on offer - the curry in the top right was this vege number with a creamy sauce with strong cinnamon flavour - a bit sweet but delicious...

masala cooking show
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