American Genetic Association Symposium 2012 Talk Videos

Brian Charlesworth (distinguished lecturer): Background selection and patterns of molecular evolution and variation (part 1, part 2)
Adam Auton: A canine genetic map reveals a fundamentally different recombination landscape
Justin Fay: Balancing selection obscures evidence of positive selection in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jeff Sekelsky: Variations in meiotic and mitotic recombination during meiosis
Nadia Singh: Five years and 15,000 recombinants: The quest for a fine-scale recombination map in Drosophila melanogaster
Justin Blumenstiel: Making the right choice: Understanding meiotic decision making by genome sequencing
Tom Petes: Mitotic recombination in yeast: spontaneous events and those induced by low levels of DNA polymerase alpha
Greg Copenhaver: The meiotic recombination landscape of Arabidopsis
Doug Bishop: Rad51 is a Dmc1 Accessory Factor
Bret Payseur: Evolution of the genome-wide recombination rate in mice and other mammals
Francesca Cole: Preaching about the converted: Mechanisms and distribution of gene conversion in mouse meiosis
Uffe Hellsten: Recombination and gene conversion in Mimulus: Towards base-level resolution
Laurence Loewe: The strength of background selection
John Davey: Scaffolding the Heliconius melpomene genome with RAD Sequencing
Jennifer Modliszewski: The role of polyploidization, chromosome pairing, and evolution in shaping genomic and phenotypic variation in the allotetraploid Mimulus sookensis
Laurie Stevison: Recombination rate variation in great apes
Beth Dumont: A Next-Generation recombination map of the human genome
Victoria Cattani: Rapid molecular evolution of the meiosis gene mei-218 causes a difference in the recombination rate between Drosophila