"A  FlOwEr  DoEs  N't  MaKes a GarDens"...

  Unhappy ~LeT ME boRn Dad~Don't kiLL Me((See If u carE)))

How sad, many girls missing from our country 

are found buried in some graveyard.................

India is growing dynamically in every fields. Today, the boom in economy, innovative technologies and improved infrastructure has become nation’s pride. The country has witnessed advancements in all fields but bias against a girl child is still prevailing in the country...



This social evil is deep rooted in Indian ethos and the most shocking fact is that the innovative and hard high end technologies are brutally killing the Indian girl child. Innovative the techniques, like biopsy, ultrasound, scan tests and amniocentesis, devised to detect genetic abnormalities, are highly misused by number of families to detect gender of the unborn child. These clinical tests are highly contributing to the rise in genocide of the unborn girl child.In today’s day and age most couples prefer the process known as a planned pregnancy, because of various factors; prime amongst them being the financial well being to support the birth and nurturing of a child. In such cases, the first prenatal visit actually happens prior to actual pregnancy, to see whether one is ready to go off the contraception pills and conceive a baby.....

However, in maximum conceptions, one is unaware of the pregnancy until actual realization dawns after one skips the first menstrual cycle. Normally doctors except ladies to pay their first visit anywhere between the sixth and twelve months.

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                                               “We Detest Daughters! We hate them so much that.....                                               we kill them Before birth. And we kill them After birth!!!.                           We kill them as they take their first breath..We kill them while they are Suckling infants....... ............................ We kill them as they learn to Walk. We kill them as they learn to Talk.. ...........................................................!!! And say ‘Mumma’ and ‘Papa.’ !!                                                We kill them as they learn to Smile,Trust,Love,and ask for their Favourite foods-Mangoes or Sweets..We kill them as they learn to play with their Friends.And Listen to stories about Fairies, Princesses, and Far Away Dreams. .We kill them Because we Hate them..We kill our Daughters in the Millions.”.

Пo Escape, Пo Surrenders, Пo Mercy


Amniocentesis started in India in 1974 to detect fetal abnormalities. These tests were used to detect gender for the first time in 1979 in Amritsar, Punjab. Later the test was stopped by the Indian Council of Medical Research but it was too late. The benefits of these tests were leaked out and people started using it as an instrument for killing an innocent and unborn girl child. Many of the traditional women organizations also took up cudgels to stop this illegal practice but all failed and with the passage of time these tests became a major contributor to bias against a girl child.

Female feoticide and infanticide is not the only issues with a girl child in India. At every stage of life she is discriminated and neglected for basic nutrition, education and living standard. When she was in the womb, she was forced to miss the moment when she was supposed to enter the world. At the time of birth her relatives pulled her back and wrung her neck. After killing her she was thrown into a trash can.


During childhood, her brother was loaded with new shoes, dresses and books to learn while she was gifted a broom, a wiper and lots of tears. In her teenage, she missed tasty delicious food to eat and got only the crumbs. During her college days, she was forced to get married, a stage where illiteracy, lack of education resulted in high fertility rate, aggravating the condition of females in the country. Again if this female gives birth to a girl child, the journey begins once again. She missed all roses of life and was finally fitted to a graveyard. That’s where she got peace of mind.

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"Little Girls are Just Angels Who Have N't Yet Spread Their Wings"...

The Nation of Mothers still follows a culture where people idolizes son and mourns daughters. UN figures out that about 750,000 girls are aborted every year in India. Abortion rates are increasing in almost 80% of the India states, mainly Punjab and Haryana. These two states have the highest number of abortions every year. If the practice continues, then no longer a day will come when Mother India will have no mothers, potentially, no life.




We all are proud citizens of India. The need of hour is to realize our responsibilities and give a halt to this evil crime. What can we do to curb the brutal and undesirable practice of mass killing girls? A determined drive can initiate a spark to light the lamp and show the world that we all are part of the great Mother India...


          The mightiest of weapons is truth.
And everyone knows you’re not permitted   
         to enter a Government building with a weapon.


A Recent report by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

According to a recent report by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) up to 
50 million girls and women are missing from India' s population as a result of the systematic gender discrimination in India. In most countries in the world, there are approximately 105 female births for every 100 males. In India, there are less than 93 women for every 100 men in the population. The accepted reason for such a disparity is the practice of female infanticide in India, prompted by the existence of a dowry system which requires the family to pay out a great deal of money when a female child is married. For a poor family, the birth of a girl child can signal the beginning of financial ruin and extreme hardship.


However, this anti-female bias is by no means limited to poor families. Much of the discrimination is to do with cultural beliefs and social norms. These norms themselves must be challenged if this practice is to stop....


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Diagnostic teams with ultrasound scanners which detect the sex of a child advertise                   with catchlines such as spend 600 rupees now and save 50,000 rupees later.............

The implication is that by avoiding a girl, a family will avoid paying a large dowry on the marriage of her daughter. According to UNICEF, the problem is getting worse as scientific methods of detecting the sex of a baby and of performing abortions are improving.

These methods are becoming increasing available in rural areas of India, fuelling fears that the trend towards the abortion of female foetuses is
on the increase.

Whats happening yaar??

Very Shocking.......................................... ....

One End We Pray n Respect 
Women as our Mother/Goddess 
And other end kill them...........

They do special prayers on Deewali 
Welcome to Lakshmi and Pray for 9 days on Navratri.

How can they kill girl child????????

Really Very Disturbing Statistics.............

Really Pathetic......
in rural part of India....women are treated like birth-machine.
they keep on giving birth of children untill they gave birth a boy.
its funny...but its d reality...and in d urban part of d country....
they kill d foet us ...............

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