Welcome to A Furry Friend Rescue Resources! This site is simply here to provide animal rescue resources, mainly for normal people not officially in the rescue business who might happen to need help rescuing a furry friend or two!
Here, you will find:
  • A very large list of rescue transportation services that assist in transporting rescued animals to their new rescues, foster families, or forever homes.
  • A list of the best animal shelter/rescue directories for the U.S.
  • A compilation of some of the greatest general animal rescue/welfare resources that might come in handy
  • A guide on how to report and help stop internet animal abuse
  • A guide to preparing your own emergency animal rescue/first aid kit
For updated animal welfare information and general animal news, information, events, and stories, please visit my blog, A Furry Friend.


*If you know of a resource that is not on this site and you feel it should be, please contact me at afurryfriend@gmail.com.