From the Afton Annex Animal Disaster Committee, Afton, New York

                             Don't Be Caught Off Guard!

             Know How to Help Your Pet Before a Disaster Strikes.

Animals that can be brought to the shelter in the Afton School Bus Garage when Afton is in a state of emergency:
  • Cats
  • Dogs
As a result of generous public donations a variety of crates and cages are available for the cat and dog emergency shelter. 

For help with your animals during an emergency call:

Afton Town Office: 639-1071

Afton Supervisor: 235-6228


Dial 911

Keeping Your Pets Safe in an Emergency

Should a disaster occur or appear imminent, and if emergency officials recommend that you stay in your home, it is crucial that you keep your pets with you.  Always bring them inside at the first sign of danger.  Keep your EVAC-PAC close at hand.

    EVAC-PACs are available to Afton residents at the Town Clerk's Office.  The red bags contain:
  • NY State Emergency Information  Handbook
  • Animal Information Form
  • Request for Rescue
  • NY State Pet Safety printout
  • Emergency Phone Number stickers
  • Emergency Rescue stickers
  • Leash
  • Collapsible water dish
This information is brought to you by the Afton Annex Animal Disaster Committee. Donations to the committee may be sent to Dona Davey, Chairperson. For details please contact her directly at 639-2409.


Fundraising for the Afton Annex Animal Disaster Committee is ongoing.  To learn about our current fundraisers please click here.

Animals that can NOT be brought to the bus garage but for whom we may have other shelter options:
We highly recommend networking with your neighbors in advance of an emergency to plan for the care of these types of animals.  However, if you need assistance with large animals during an emergency please call one of the following people:

Afton Supervisor: 235-6228

Dona Davey: 639-2409

Additional information

Animal owners are responsible to provide a standard of care for their animals at all times, including during emergencies, disasters and evacuations.  Owners must ensure that their animals:
  • Are not a threat to public health
  • Do not harm other people's property
  • Spread contagious disease
Animal owners are responsible for any compensation due if using a kennel, veterinary hospital or private individual for emergency shelter.

Small animals will be evacuated at the same time as their owners, whenever possible.  If animals are left behind, the owner needs to contact the Animal Disaster Committe, the Afton Town Supervisor or the police to request help with their animals.  Stray animals will be picked up as soon as they are located and then taken to a shelter.  If there is no ID on an animal a description will be circulated to people shelters.  Strays may be moved to the SPCA, Norwich, NY. 

Don't wait until it is too late to
 plan for your pet's safety!
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