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used tires san diego
    san diego
  • a picturesque city of southern California on San Diego Bay near the Mexican border; site of an important naval base
  • San Diego , named after Saint Didacus (Spanish: Diego de Alcala), is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California, after Los Angeles, with a population of 1,359,132 (Jan 2010) within its administrative limits on a land area of .
  • Union Station in San Diego, California, also known as the Santa Fe Depot, is a train station built by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway to replace the small Victorian-style structure erected in 1887 for the California Southern Railroad Company.
  • An industrial city and naval port on the Pacific coast of southern California, just north of the US-Mexico border; pop. 1,223,400. It was founded as a mission in 1769
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San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA
San Diego Maritime Museum - aboard the steam yacht Medea - Named after a Greek mythological figure, the Medea has a past almost as colorful as her namesake. Originally, the steam yacht was built 1n 1904 for William Macalister Hall of Torrisdale Castle, Scotland. Built of steel and furnished with imported teak and quarter-sawn oak, the Medea is an impressive and beautiful little boat. Macalister Hall, a wealthy landowner and British Army officer, used Medea mainly for social occasions and hunting trips around the isles and lochs of western Scotland. By the beginning of World War I, she was in the hands of the man who built her, John Stephen. Later during the war, she was purchased by the French Navy and converted to a gunboat named Corneille. Armed with a 75mm gun, depth charges and an observation balloon, she operated as a convoy escort for French sailing ships. After the war she resumed her old name and returned to British colors. Owned by members of the Parliament, she often cruised the Mediterranean Sea. Early in World War II, Medea joined the Royal Navy as a barrage balloon vessel at the mouth of the River Thames. Later she went back to Scotland and was used by the Norwegian Navy, based there as an accommodation ship for Norwegian commando officers. By 1946 Medea was back in British civilian service, cruising off Cornwall and the Isle of Wight. During the 1950's and 1960's, she operated as a charter yacht and was finally sold to a Swedish owner in 1969. By that time, Medea was a tired old boat, but she was still pretty enough to capture the attention of oilman Paul Whittier, who had steamed aboard similar vessels in his youth. In 1971, Whittier purchased, restored and donated Medea to the Maritime Museum of San Diego. This amazing gift arrived in San Diego on July 14, 1973. Today Medea still cruises the Bay on special excursion cruises for invited guests. Although she is not permitted to carry paying passengers, she is open dockside to welcome all visitors to the Maritime Museum.
Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot
The 1959 comedy "Some Like It Hot" (top) with Marilyn Monroe was filmed using the Hotel del Coronado on Coronado Beach, San Diego California. The hotel was supposed to be The Seminole-Ritz in Miami Beach, Fl. I've stayed at this hotel a few times before the digital camera era so when I had to pass by recently on my way to the Navy Base, I stopped in for a few quick shots. I never get tired of wandering the grounds.

used tires san diego
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