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Tire Sales Edmonton

tire sales edmonton
  • The capital of the province of Alberta, in western Canada, on the North Saskatchewan River; pop. 703,070
  • Edmonton was an ancient hundred in the north of the county of Middlesex, England. Its former area has been mostly absorbed by the growth of London and it now corresponds to the London Borough of Enfield and parts of the London Borough of Barnet and London Borough of Haringey in Greater London
  • Edmonton can refer to a number of places: * Edmonton, Alberta, Canada * Edmonton Capital Region, Canada * Edmonton, London, United Kingdom ** Edmonton (hundred), an ancient hundred in north Middlesex ** Municipal Borough of Edmonton, a local government (1850-1965)
  • the capital of the province of Alberta
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Day 71 - Tidal Waves
Day 71 - Tidal Waves
Whirlwind of things going on these days, but I shouldn't deprive you dear reader (readerS hopefully?!) of my vivaciously verbose discourse. I'm super excited for a bunch of travel plans that are coming up. I'm looking forward to playing carnival games with Joanne for the first time at the Stampede. We never did get to enjoy the festivals in Edmonton since she was studying for the UFE last year. So this year, I'm hoping to win a giant bear :) And then there's the other big trip, oh yeah, more details as it happens! Went for lunch with Joanne today while she was on break, and showed off just how awesome a trip organizer the iPad can be :) I'm getting real excited now! That's why I love planning and packing, it just makes it that much more palpable. Besides that, Joanne's going to be super busy this summer, and I'm going to need to find things to entertain myself. Thankfully, Steam (the digital content delivery channel) has provided me with a slew of games that are on sale for ridiculously low prices. To summarize, my recent purchases include: The Witcher - Enhanced Edition Serious Sam HD 1 and 2 Half Life 1 (for Natural Selection) Deus Ex 1 and 2 EVE Online (oh man, could this be my next World of Warcraft?) And with many more games on sale. Other games that look like I may end up picking up include: Borderlands (+2 DLC packs available) F.E.A.R. 1 (+2 two expansions) F.E.A.R. 2 Boy, it's good to be busy :) But for the reason of this photo: I'm glad I got a lot of details sorted out in my life as it was starting to bog me down and stress me out. I was thinking to myself as I was driving home today after dropping Kevin and Henry off from Bubble Tea that it was a nice day. While I like the clear blue skies as much as the next guy, there's something beautiful about a relatively dark and cloudy skyline with lots of sunshine breaking through. Were I more tired, I'd usually bring the sun visor down to reduce the light intensity on my eyes and make driving more comfortable, but today was a day where I was in a mood that's just so happy that I didn't mind a little glare in my eye. So, I took out my camera, and snapped a couple while on the way home :)
The Darkside.
The Darkside.
Did a quick shoot of this '06 BMW M6 that's for sale. Was pretty cold so the pics had to be quick haha. Oh and it was on summer tires so it had no grip in the snow AT all.

tire sales edmonton
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