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Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66 in New Mexico (Posterized)
Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66 in New Mexico (Posterized)
This photo was taken by Jonas Hansson, a very good Swedish friend of mine, on his trip with his father Hans in 2006 (via their vintage Volvo PV convertible) across the USA on Route 66. With Jonas' permission, I've been selecting some of my favorite photos of their road trip along the "Mother Road" and doing some post processing... enhancing, cropping, tone mapping, special effects, etc. This is a photo of the historic "Blue Swallow Motel" at 815 East Route 66 Blvd. in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The propriators claim it is "Friendliest Motel on Route 66!" You can see Jonas' father (also a great friend of old) with his Hot Rod red Volvo under the sign of the Blue Swallow Motel. INFORMATION ON THE BLUE SWALLOW MOTEL: The Blue Swallow Motel was built in 1939 by W. A. Huggins. It features a unique, personal shell design on the exterior stucco. Garages, a signature of motor courts of the era, are another unique characteristic of this motel. According to Huggins' son Phares, it was sold at a loss because of economic conditions at the onset of WWII. With gas and tire rationing in effect, people weren't traveling as much. The best known proprietor of the Blue Swallow was Lillian Redman, who acquired it in 1958. She operated the motel for almost 40 years, facing numerous difficulties including the interstate bypass, which drastically reduced her customer base. There is much information available about Lillian online and in numerous publications. The current owners are Terri & Bill, purchased the Blue Swallow Motel, and are keeping the tradition of hospitality alive. The rooms are very cozy, and decorated with 1950s bedroom sets and a groovy retro TV console. The original bathroom (beautiful tile work) is still intact. The Blue Swallow is listed on National and State Historic Registers. INFORMATION ON ROUTE 66: U.S. Route 66 (also known as Route 66, U.S. Highway 66, The Main Street of America, The Mother Road and the Will Rogers Highway) was a highway in the U.S. Highway System. One of the original U.S. highways, US 66 was established on November 11, 1926. It originally ran from Chicago, Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, before ending at Los Angeles for a total of 2,448 miles (3,940 km). Route 66 was a major path of the migrants who went west, especially during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, and supported the economies of the communities through which the road passed. People doing business along the route became prosperous due to the growing popularity of the highway, and those same people later fought to keep the highway alive even with the growing threat of being bypassed by the new Interstate Highway System. US 66 was officially removed from the United States Highway System on June 27,1985 after it was decided the route was no longer relevant and had been replaced by the Interstate Highway System. Portions of the road that passed through Illinois, New Mexico, and Arizona have been designated a National Scenic Byway of the name "Historic Route 66". It has begun to return to maps in this form. Some portions of the road in southern California have been re-designated "State Route 66", and others bear "Historic Route 66" signs and relevant historic information.
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Perhaps this is a mid-life crisis for Toni, but it is nonetheless what she is feeling now… Please forgive my rant… What some of us wouldn’t give to have been born with a lovely body? To be able to easily buy clothing and shoes without extensive online searches and lots of trial and error disappointments; To wish to look half as good as all those lovelies seen in print and online, both GG and TG sisters; Celebrities often endorse methods that are designed to trick our senses, primarily our sense of sight. How do we know what we are looking at on the cover of a popular magazine is real or not? It is true that nobody is perfect and that goes for celebrities as well. Photo enhancement is a natural part of print and media as can be seen in some examples in the photo posted right after this one. The truth is…99% of the time, it doesn’t really matter. We continue to celebrate their beauty and stature as seen on the images set before us. They give us something to admire, look up to and draw inspiration from. I learned some of those techniques and felt amazed at what was possible. I’ve never been happy with my extra chin, spare tires or facial blemishes. Just like the celebrities’ cover photos; it became easy to gently make those unsightly features disappear and try to bring out the essence of the person instead of drawing attention to the flaws…To make one look and feel more confident; just like all those images we admire and love. I’ve not often had the amount of time or resources to go all out in my transformations due to time, family constraints and financial issues. I love to express my femininity and feel the ecstasy that the wearing of female clothing brings. I’ve loved to be able to share that euphoria with the wonderful t-sisters on the web. I just cannot always share the entire experience. However, I’ve felt that posting headless shots or those with the face blurred out would be an insult to the TG nation. Even more of a reason to love what software has allowed us to do. I’ve been known to borrow my own face from a previous, but well done photo for a modern photo just to avoid the aforementioned insults and not have to show the TG nation a photo of a blurred face, headless shot or even a shot with the face of a man with a goatee. However, some recent comments to me have me beginning to believe that I’ve become a PS whore. Have I actually been destroying the essence of Toni rather than enhancing it? I stopped getting comments and favorites from some of my long-time t-sisters and I'm wondering if this is why. I’ve got to decide if I’ve destroyed Toni rather than help evolve her. I will be posting a few final photos taken wearing my Halloween purchase for 2011; which I was very happy with, and then take some time off from posting to do some soul-searching. Toni is not going to disappear from me. She is part of who I am as a person. It took me nearly 30 years to come to accept that; and of course, the help and inspiration from my wonderful t-sisters online helped me reach that state of acceptance. I will still log on and admire my lovely t-sisters and answer messages during my time off. Until then, Hasta luego, mis lindas y hermosas amigas (See you soon my lovely and beautiful friends.) With much love, Toni Richards

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