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Aftermarket Rims And Tires

aftermarket rims and tires
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Closeup of Carello headlamp covers
Closeup of Carello headlamp covers
When I bought this car in 1999, it was one of the first Spiders I'd ever seen in the U.S. with the European-style Carello headlamp covers in place. The ones on the car when I bought it were yellowed and cracked, so I replaced them about three years ago. Then, about two weeks ago I installed the Hella H4 lamps that have been sitting on my workbench since last summer. (I was working a rally for Jeff and Jill, and they'd picked some wonderful country roads FAR away from city lights—very very dark and very very twisty—so I knew I'd need the extra lighting from the H4s.) I still like those StilAuto six-pointed star rims, they're the "period-correct" aftermarket rims (date-coded 1971 and 1974) taken from my old '67 GT Junior. They do lose a little air, however (they did with the old tires on the Junior, they still do with the new tires on the Spider...) But they're unusual, not the ubiquitous "Daytona" rims from Campagnolo (as classic as those are for Spiders).
AR-23 15 inch aftermarket rims and A/T toyo tires.

aftermarket rims and tires
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