Bucket Seat Covers For Trucks. Best Convertible Car Seats 2011

Bucket Seat Covers For Trucks

bucket seat covers for trucks
    bucket seat
  • a low single seat as in cars or planes
  • A seat in a car or aircraft with a rounded back to fit one person
  • A bucket seat is a seat contoured to hold one person, distinct from bench seats which are flat platforms designed to seat multiple people. Bucket seats are standard in fast cars to keep riders in place when making sharp or quick turns.
  • (Bucket Seats) If your car will see a lot of off roading in the open-extreme sections, the bucket seats are a definite must. They are specially designed and reinforced seats, with outer metal contour that facilitate the use of multi point seat belts.
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90's fuel injected (TBI) Chevy 4.3L V6 GM automatic 700R4, 4speed transmission Drive lines are custom, dual Toyota transfer cases with Marlin Crawler components. Front axle is a Dana 44 with DOM axle tubes, chrome molly axles shafts and outers. Gears are 5.38, there's an ARB locker, SMW diff cover, Warn hubs, disc brakes, high steer. PSC ram assist steering, PSC steering box and lines. Rear axle is a high pinion Dana 60. shafts, 5.38 gears, ARB locker, SMW diff cover. Axle is trussed and gusseted. These axles width wise are between a stock Toyota and full size truck. Gives this truck incredible stability, without being too wide for trails. Tuffy Console between the seats, with 2 cup holders, the ARB compressor and locker switches are there. ARB compressor under the hood, an engine driven compressor linked to a 3 gallon tank for on-board air, there's a switch for that compressor, there are air nozzles on each side of this truck. Hidden train horn powered by air with a button on the console. It sounds exactly like a freight train. GM 1 ton brake booster from Rock Stomper. 2 fuel tanks with electronic switch, total fuel capacity around 30 gallons. CB radio with antenna. Aluminum tool box Warn 9500lb high speed winch 2 Optima batteries behind the covers with the ARB stickers. Racing bucket seats, full harness belts. The tires are Super Swamper Iroks 36/13.5/15 with 97% on Allied real bead lock wheels. Full size MTR spare. Removable rear mud flap bars High-Lift jack. Battery isolators, 140 amp alternator, KN air filter, hook points all over, flip down rear license plate trailer receiver, shackles, custom door skins, etc. Front lift springs are Rancho Rear are custom made by Bassani.
'74 Olds Cutlass S swivel bucket seat interior
'74 Olds Cutlass S swivel bucket seat interior
Swiveling Strato bucket seats were optional on 1974 Olds Cutlass S and 442 coupes with Morocceen vinyl upholstery and console with floor shifter. Standard on both S and 442 was a bench seat with either cloth or Morocceen upholstery.

bucket seat covers for trucks
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