Aftermarket Car Heaters

aftermarket car heaters
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Best El Camino of the Show
Best El Camino of the Show
This car one the Best of Show trophy for the El Camino class. Its owner and I spent some time together comparing notes. Vintage Air provided the clean-looking firewall panel that accepts the heater and air conditioning hoses. I guess the Vintage Air set-up includes a smaller heater blower assembly. Note the air conditioning condenser line being routed through the fender. Dude probably saved a few dollars by getting a factory late-model serpentine system instead of an aftermarket one like I have. He still hasn't hooked up his windshield wiper motor and washer pump.
1936 Ford V-8 Fordor, As Accessorized by Fey & Krause
1936 Ford V-8 Fordor, As Accessorized by Fey & Krause
Among the aftermarket accessories for the '36 Ford listed on the back of this postcard: Kari-Keen Trunks, Aeroflo Fender Pants, Greyhound Radiator Ornaments, Wheel Discs, Wind Wings, Luggage Racks, and Hadees Hot Water Car Heaters!

aftermarket car heaters
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