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Number of Twitter posts per user - Show this many of the last posts from each user. Set this to a numeric value greater than 0.

Twitter screen name [n] - The screen name of the person whose Twitter feed you want to include. Add one screen name per line. If you run out of lines, you can add multiple screen names on a single line, separated by commas (,). At least one screen name is required.

Add Twitter Multi Widget to Blogger - Click this to add it to your blog. It's a button. Buttons are for clicking. Hugz.

Generate HTML for Wordpress, Moveable Type, etc. - Click this button to show a text box containing HTML to copy and paste into your non-Blogger template.

Tweet Mask Fields

You can use an HTML template, or "mask" to define what each Twitter post will look like. At the moment, the only way I have for you to change this is by using the Generate HTML... button and manually editing the generating HTML or editing the HTML after clicking Add Twitter Multi Widget... and clicking

Use the following placeholders in your mask, and it will be replaced with the appropriate data as defined below (I'm providing access to everything returned in the feed but am unsure of the meaning of a couple of fields):

%user_url% - Web address of user's Twitter profile

%user_name% - User's full name displayed on their profile (e.g. John Smith)

%user_description% - User's bio posted on their Twitter profile.

%user_location% - User's location posted on their Twitter profile (e.g. Minneapolis, MN)

%user_screen_name% - User's screen name (e.g. johnsmith_20557). Useful for linking to user's profile, linking to an individual post.

%user_profile_image_url% - Web address of user's Twitter profile image.

%user_id% - User's numeric Twitter ID.

%user_protected% - true/false. Means ????

%truncated% - ???

%created_at% - Date and time post was sent.

%source% - Source of post (web, txt, im).

%id% - Numeric id of this post. Useful for posting a link back to the individual post.

%text% - Text of the Twitter post.

%relative_time% - Relative time of post. Uses Twitter's conversion of times to phrases like "About an hour ago" and so forth.

Sample javascript:

MultiTweetMask = "<li class='singletweet'>
<span>%user_screen_name%: %text%</span>
<a style='font-size:85%'
%relative_time%</a> via %source%</li>";

Quick Description: Combine Twitter feeds from multiple users in your blogspot/blogger or other blog with this widget. Define how many tweets to show per user, and which users to include, and it will combine the last few tweets from each of those users into a single list, sorted by the tweet time.