AFS International
AFS International Programs is a nonprofit organization seeking to promote peace by fostering an awareness of the common humanity shared by the world’s people. In 1947, American Field Service volunteers, who served as ambulance drivers in World War I and II, established an international exchange program for high school students as their peacetime contribution to humanity. More than 400,000 AFS students have lived with host families in over 75 countries around the world. Each year, 1,200 American host families host AFS students from abroad, and a similar number of young AFS Americans live with families overseas. More than 42,000 volunteers around the world work with AFS, providing students with an unparalleled support system.

AFS Students choose to go abroad for a school year, semester or summer. They are not merely tourists or house guests, but become daughters and sons, sisters and brothers in families around the world. Many close and lasting friendships are born.

Almost every AFS returnee tells us of how the sharing of ideas, attitudes, culture heritage, language and different ways of life help personally in focusing interest, revealing hidden strengths and increasing tolerance for new and unfamiliar ideas. More than 100 colleges and universities recognize the educational value of an AFS experience by offering scholarship grants specifically for AFS returnees.

AFS in Camas-Washougal

Since the Camas/Washougal Chapter began participating in AFS programs in 1956 the chapter has hosted 168 students from 49 different countries, and sent 103 students to 35 different countries.

Each year the Camas/Washougal AFS Chapter seeks to send about four Camas/Washougal students overseas and find host families here for a similar number of foreign students. Most funds raised by the chapter go toward providing scholarships to Camas/Washougal AFS students sent abroad and to assist the AFS foreign students and their host families here in our communities.