Country Floral Bedding : Potted Flowers For Sale.

Country Floral Bedding

country floral bedding
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country floral bedding - French Country
French Country Patchwork Quilt Bedding Set Full/Queen
French Country Patchwork Quilt Bedding Set Full/Queen
French Country Floral Cotton Queen Size Quilt 3pc Set. - Add warmth and elegance to your bedroom with this gorgeous French Country patchwork quilt set. Stunning quality bedding with rich tones of floral and paisley prints - This cotton Quilt set features a Patchwork design with charming floral prints and paisleys pattern in rich tones of warm and deep Red, Coral, Moss and Sage Green, Golden Tan and Navy Blue. It is completely Reversible to a matching Sage, Gold and Rose floral - Finely stitched and beautifully detailed with Vermicelli quilting to add texture and for durability - It is made from 100% pre-washed cotton and cotton fill for softness and comfort - Face and back 100% pre-washed Cotton - Fill: 100% Cotton - Pattern: Floral and Paisley prints. Reversible to a matching Floral pattern - Easy care. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry - QUEEN SIZE: 1 Queen size quilt 90" x 90" - 2 Standard Pillow Shams 20" x 26" - ***Bedspread (drop to the floor) in the same pattern also available

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Two-story site: 'Land in the Sky' with a Solar powered Flower Clock next to the Kobe City Hall in Kobe Japan
Two-story site: 'Land in the Sky' with a Solar powered Flower Clock next to the Kobe City Hall in Kobe Japan
The Flower Clock A half century ago, in the middle of the rapid economic growth, when the all of Japan was being driven by "development", Kobe city quickly got interested in "cityscape". Because of this, the Flower Clock was created in Kobe. When the deputy mayor (later the mayor) visited foreign countries, he came up with the idea of a flower clock in Kobe. The one in Geneve, Switzerland was chosen as its model. However there was not any useful information; they asked some watch manufacturers and gownsmen to help study it. They also began collecting examples from other countries and sending prints for the design drawing of the one in Geneve. They then began to produce their own Flower Clock. A dial as long as 6 meters was unprecedented in Japan, and they would also make a flower bed on the inclining clock face. The more information they gathered, the more studies and necessary factors were piling up such as maintenance of its accuracy, waterproofing at the core, waterproofing and damp proofing in the machine room, effect of wind and so on. As they began to solve the various technical difficulties, they were soon able to use money contributed from citizens and companies to set the flower clock. As the result of volunteer donations to Kobe City, the clock was started on the day of the City Hall completion memory ceremony. The current Flower Clock is the second one which was renovated in 1976. It has a machine room underground which stores the mechanics of the clock. Its hands were made of glass fiber. Its energy source is solar power that has been generated in the facility on the roof of second annex of City Hall since 2002, excluding nights or rainy days. Solar energy generation is environment-friendly and clean because it neither pollutes air nor emits CO2, which is concerned to be a leading cause of global warming. (Source: The Totem Pole In 1961 the City of Seattle gave Kobe a Native American Totem Pole, which stands next to Kobe City Hall and serves as the major symbol of the sister city relationship in Kobe. (Source: Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association). Hillaire began carving totems when he was 16, and was believed to have carved more than 100 poles before creating Land in the Sky. He died at the age of 73 in 1963. Land in the Sky was Hillaires seventh major pole. It was 35-feet tall, 13,240 pounds and carved out of a Washington Red Cedar that was approximately 1,000 years old when it was cut down. The totem was part of a two-pole project Hillaire did for the sister-cities of Kobe, Japan and Seattle. One pole was flown to Japan in 1961 where Hillaire completed it and placed it in front of Kobe City Hall. According to Hillaire, a totem pole is not an idol or a thing of worship, but is erected to commemorate an important event, similar to a statue in a park, while telling a story from the bottom up. The story of Land in the Sky comes from an ancient North Coast Native American legend which describes two young brothers who climb into the sky on a thread of arrow shafts and conquer the moon after a battle. The younger brother marries the moons daughter and the older brother marries the daughter of the sun. The animals depicted on the pole represent the animals in the moons army that the brothers had to battle. (Source: North Kitsap Herald). Public Clock Photography by Arjan Richter
Remembering Those Who Have Fallen
Remembering Those Who Have Fallen
What a tragedy.... How very sad that the ones who had offered up their lives for our safety and freedom were not protected in the one place on this earth that they should have been safe. What happened? I went to bed last night with a prayer on my lips for all of those who were effected by the day's tragic events, then I woke up this morning and felt like I had been blindsided!!!! Didn't they say that the shooter was one of the dead? And what about someone in the government having the knowledge of his statements about suicide bombers? And what about having "so called" transparency in government? I would never say that I was someone very political, but I was angered over the whole situation... the senseless loss of lives, and the handling of the situation in the aftermath. I pray for those who were injured, those who lost their lives and their family and friends. And I pray for our country, May she continue to Stand Up for What is right and may God Bless America!!!!

country floral bedding
country floral bedding
Croscill Home Amethyst Queen Comforter Set, Purple
The amethyst queen comforter set is a sophisticated bedding ensemble that conveys afternoons spent in the french country side. This set includes a 92-inch by-96-inch comforter, a 60-inch by 82-inch bed skirt, and two 27-inch by 21-inch shams. The woven jacquard ground features a linen texture with saturated large, over scale floral, scrolling vine and leaf motifs. The deep amethyst found in the flowers is highlighted by muted amethyst and butter yellow tones. The vines and leaves are comprised of deep and muted tones of sage with butter yellow highlights.