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The History of The Afrosphere Action Coalition


The Afrosphere Action Coalition started in August of 2007 as the Afrosphere Jena 6 Coalition. We coalesced around the plight of the 6 young men in Jena Louisiana determined to bring this issue to the world by generating media attention.

On August 9th 2007 Yobachi at his BlackPerspective.net blog proposed in earnest a Day of Blogging for Justice for the Jena 6, to ask readers to contact major media about picking up the story. Many Black bloggers, and some not Black, immediately responded to this call.

PurpleZoe of the UltraViolet Underground offered to write the press release, and thus began the

origins of what would form the Afrosphere Jena 6 Coalition over the next couple of weeks, and later the AAC.

About The Afrosphere Action Coalition

The Afrosphere Action Coalition is a coalition of Black self-determination internet users (mostly bloggers, but not only) who endeavor to take determined ACTION in advocating for the maligned and marginalized, and for challenging powers that be.

This is a true coalition that works by consent of those who join in to participate in our actions. We exist to take action, and move quickly and nimbly; with a structure that resists the pitfalls of many social organizations of getting bogged down in endless debate; and without having to have members conform to particular ideologies.

Other than the coordinators, your membership comes simply by your participation in actions.

We invite non-Blacks, as we always have in previous actions; of like mind to join us.

The AAC Co-coordinators are Yobachi, PurpleZoe, and Francis L. Holland.

We will update information for current and past campaigns reasonably shortly. Thankyou for your patience. Feel free to contact Yobachi by mail  or phone if you need to contact the AAC:   Lionrunner777@yahoo.com 615-478-5204