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The IDEA: The more an individual interacts with the Social Web, the more his/hher name should start popping up on the grid. Nothing like building a personal profile using the power of Search. How linked can you get?

From time to time, results of the informal experiment will be published here. Keep checking back!


Image Search continues to puzzle...

This set of images is currently ranked about 4th on Windows Live Image Search. The likeness is uncanny. And unsettling.



Search Counts on "Andy Hadfield" as of 11/12/2006

  • Google - 1740
  • Yahoo - 444 (a drop!)
  • Windows Live - 590


So, something is happening. Both Google and have increased considerably - perhaps due to Social Media sites starting to pickup the keyphrase. Commenting on social media platforms probably has something to do with it as well.


Search Counts on "Andy Hadfield" as of 10/11/2006

  • Google - 1500
  • Yahoo - 669
  • Windows Live - 365


10/11/2006 >> The egotistical part...

Obviously, to get "superlinked", you've got to go and register everywhere, and then link to yourself. Thank God I've got a wanky picture to go with this "poser" experiment! :)

Have created "Andy on the Web" page...


10/11/2006 >> The slog...

Have made my way through the Google Index, searching on exact term. 1400 results, of which only 250 odd were browsable. Interesting to note how badly some things get indexed - funny html characters slip through, un-optimised sites get crappy summaries and the oddest things get indexed. Perhaps there is something to this SEO thing after all.

Funny thing. My Google Images search... I'm a pea.