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Project ONE - egotistical experiments in linking 

Essentially, the modern web is all about interlinking hopefully relevant content. In fact, all the money these days is being made on two things: content aggregators and ridiculously large communities. YouTube, Digg, MySpace... Even when some of these seem to create more junk than relevancy - it has confirmed the need for someone to aggregate / index / channel the murky cloud of 'stuff' out there.

Enter Google, Yahoo and all the cronies. And what do they do? They index. And in order to perform well on those indexes - people interlink.

So - just how much can you interlink? What if you joined, and actively participated in every social networking tool out there? What if you performed a brute force SEO on your personal brand?  Where would that get you?

How exactly do the search algorithms work? Is relevancy judged on your name in context, your name on relevant sites, or just how many times your name appears?

Already we have A-list bloggers in Africa getting job offers from random strangers via email - a result of popping up in these all-pervasive indexes. Is that what happens? Job offers?

Or spam.

There's a lot of communities out there... and it's going to take a while to add my 2c to the junk pile Beginning at the begginning then...


Joining the Cloud...

In a sort of, kind of chronological order. Note the blatant, shameless and egotistical attempt to link everything to everything. Apologies for the metronomic repetition of the surname, but a keyword is a keyword ou pel.


Interesting do's and don'ts within Social Web

It's a strange new world out there. Before you go Digg yourself into a hole, have a read... It's a bit Digg focussed, but interestingly not a lot of info available on Delicious / Reddit etc. in terms of etiquette & cheating...