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  • United Kingdom
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Business Dinner Hillsborough Castle
Business Dinner Hillsborough Castle
Lord Green UK Trade and Investment Minister was guest of honour at a business dinner held in Hillsborough Castle to discuss how best Invest NI and UKTI can work together to help companies grow in NI. Lord Green had the opportunity to discuss local issues with Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Owen Paterson, MP, Minister of Enterprise Trade and Investment, Arlene Foster, MLA along with representatives from leading Northern Ireland businesses, Universities, NI Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Directors and CBI. Photo M T Hurson/Harrisons
Interview with the Korea International Trade Association
Interview with the Korea International Trade Association
Mr Jonathan Knott, Director of UK Trade & Investment was interviewed by the Korea International Trade Association on 22 March. Jonathan said “The UK strongly supports the swift application of the EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement. The Agreement presents excellent opportunities for greater UK-Korean collaboration. We have been working hard to promote the benefits of the deal to British exporters, and to Korean companies who may wish to invest in Europe to pursue new export opportunities.”

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