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Do It Yourself Home Decor Ideas

do it yourself home decor ideas
    it yourself
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Clients Girl's Room
Clients Girl's Room
Lovely antiqe wicker chair I found and had refurbished...I adore how it turned out! I enjoy seeing my ideas come to fruition....and I really enjoy paying other people to do it!!! :) I only wish I had the time to figure out how to shir that much sweet fabric....or re-cane and paint antique wicker....but the clients can't wait! It pays to surround yourself (as a designer) with folks who are so talented!!! :o)
Sun plunging inside
Sun plunging inside
sun lavishing warmth both on my weeping fig and on the lady of my painting on the wall..He does it everyday in the morning,only I do not witness it ,me being such a night owl. yeah ,within only 8 days of joining Flickr and 4 days of uploading this photo ,it got 111 views so far! Thank you all for loving it.

do it yourself home decor ideas
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