Week 1-5, February 4 - March 4, 2018:  Understanding Manic Aggressive Personality Disorder.
Manic Aggression Personality Disorder - is a mental illness merely affecting Africans, Africans born in America, or the Pan-African Community.
Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere is credited as founder of illness or disorder.  Millere attributes the violence within the African American community to the enslavement of the black race. He states, "This psycho-socio illusion, or personality disorder (or M.A.P.D.), is an isolated illness pertaining to the African race entirely - mimics [bipolar] and [schizophrenic] personality [1]. Whether he is in America, Africa, the Diaspora, or abroad he suffers psychologically and socially from the evils of this [[neurotic]] syndrome for two reasons. Primarily, he suffers because the European (white) racist delusion of slavery encountered him as an animal. The term used is chattel (human cattle). Secondly, the culprit race, responsible for his inquisition refuse to take responsibility for the system of slavery and its damages, which is [[psychological]] or [[sociological]] in nature, they caused. Moreover, it is important to understand that the instituters of racial-slavery are indeed [[psychotic]] for in their delusion, still, they insist on teaching and preaching a system of superiority or inferiority. Thus, leaving the, visibly, less esteemed feeling less superior; and where, might I ask, are the reparation for such unearned sufferings. Much of the background work, clinically speaking, had been achieved by [Dr.  William Grier] and [Price M. Cobbs], authors of the 1968 book, entitled, [["Black Rage."]]."  Which was largely attributed to explosive black occurrences as a result of his forced identity amid democracy.  Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere states, "I sought to bring some clarity to its effects (slavery and white racist administration) as an ongoing disease; attributed to more than horrible race relations between what we esteem as blackness or whiteness."  For instance, many white racist threats once brought fear into the black communities within America.  However, today, the black man awaits the opportunity to prove himself in what [Khalid Abdul Muhammad] entitled as a race war between [whites] and [blacks] Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad,  According to  Anti Defamation League - Malik Zulu Shabazz,  Chairman of the [New Black Panther Party]. There are threats against America's first African-American president, Mr [Barack Hussein Obama] Barack Hussein Obama from white racist; if successful threatens a racial-war torn America equivalent to the [middle-east] conflict between the [Jews] and [Palestinians] today. [John Allen Muhammad], D.C. Sniper, was the full bloom of "black rage" Black Rage.  Mr. Muhammad was the beginning of the disease's back-fire, so to speak, against the culprit race, who instituted slavery in America and around the world. For the [African], and his descendents, born in America and abroad are experiencing this sickness. The [Pan-African] community is experiencing an post-traumatic stress syndrome directly linked to the maltreatment he has undergone in the his past and present. In his mental exhaustion he has but one last chance to be heard. Consequently, the violence in his community shall no longer suffice his thirst to be recognized so he begins to attack his grandmaster, master, master's children and even the, perceived, [Uncle Tom] - himself, Uncle Tom's Cabin. He means no harm and can be held to little responsibility for the heavy yoke about his, seemingly-unquenchable, fire to seek salter for such an awesome act against his humanity."