Book: Manic Aggressive Personality Disorder

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 Manic Aggressive Personality Disorder

Clinical Study &  Research

Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere - Clinical Psychotherapist / Clinical Chaplain

In order to understand the severity of cognitive, mental, or behavioral illness, amid the Pan-African community worldwide, whether functional or dysfunctional; one must research or explore the very machinery to make such disaster possible. The "Atlantic Slave Trade" is very critical concerning mental illnesses amid Pan-African races in variation and vast African populations of past, present, and future porportions. The African populus is suffering from maladjustment - or inability to react successfully and satisfactorily to the demands of one's environment.  It is important to note, though the term may implicate an individuals inability through a wide range of social and biological conditions, it implies a specimens lack to achieve their social and cultural expectations. In psychology maladjustment, generally, refers to an unacceptable behavior patterns that cause anxiety and require psychotherapy. The "black" race is experiencing major psychoses and major mood disorders. Psychoses is a non-specific diagnosis but it describes nomenclatures used for a class of mental illnesses or disorders, including delusions (pseudo-beliefs in the nakedness of extraordinary facts to the contrary); Also, hallucinations, or sounds and glimpses, imagined, while awake, or conscious; in the absence of any external stimulus. Consequently, psychoses can be defined as a loss of contact with reality.  It is an accepted theory among psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, and/or workers of the mental health community; that psychoses and persistent mood disorders result from chemical imbalances in the brain, or around such. These imbalances create psychotic states.  Psychotic states can be caused by drugs, such as methamphetamines, LSD, or prolonged use of amphetamines but much of the mental health community are attributing the condition to decrease in brain or cranial fluid:  Such as seratonin, if decreased, which causes individuals to act irregular or respond within an altered mental status.   Although, drug induced psychotic illnesses can be treated with drugs - this is not the case for psychotic disorders inhabited or inherited generically (and genetically).  Psychiatrist (physicians who treat mental disorders) exercise other methods to treat psychotic disorders of other origins. Disregarding psychoses caused by drugs, or drug abuse, psychotic illness falls into two categories: Schizophrenia-major depression, and manic syndrome. Bipolar disorder integrates depression and mania. There are kindred categories, such as delusional disorder, a fifth category, which is considered psychotic behavior (not a psychosis, with the exception to schizophrenia, these illnesses are primarily severe mood disorders).


Symptoms of schizophrenia vary from person to person, fluctuating, making schizophrenia almost impossible to diagnose. However, this is untrue concerning the Pan-African community due to created environment and expected response to survive amid, or within such environments (e.g. systems, forced responses, maladaptive existence, mal-adjusted behavior, maladjustment, or de-facto legislation. Schizophrenia exhibits many non-psychotic behaviors, such as flat emotional response, flat mood, disconnected conversation, and ability devoid of initiating acts. Moreover, all psychotic traits can present themselves at some point or another. Delusions are not rare, certainly, it is about thought control: Imaginations (or hallucinations) are not infrequent, especially auditory hallucination. Often schizophrenia, through altered mental status, can effect body functions and or movements. For instance, one becoming catatonic, rigidly holding one's position. It is widely accepted, clinically, that schizophrenia is rarely contracted in children or older adults. It most often occur in adolescence or young adults. However, this is untrue concerning the black population, whom, contrived the disease prior the birth, genetically, due to a passed trait or characteristic, already, imbedded in his or her make-up (DNA), due to systematic pressures inherited from the parents, grandparents, or fore-parents; subjected to certain outcomes due to "interpositions and nullifications" to keep kindled his/her oppression, this mental illness (psychosis) and anguish. The black race is exceptional to many instances concerning mental disorders and/or psychosis because he/she is forced to function amid their psychological mishap. Yet, all the while, exhibiting signs of maladjustment before an ever advancing society. The single criteria, concerning schizophrenia and the black race, it is true that the disease continues for the rest of the African's, or their descendant's life; like high-blood, diabetes, and sickle cell disease. "It can be managed but never cured." Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was clearly recognizing the race's biological and social disposition when he stated, we live in a schizophrenic society.

Major Depression

Often referred to as "clinical depression" reach deeper than mere sad affect or melancholy. Outward symptoms are of the present such as insomnia, or decreased appetite. One is often confused, indecisive, and lethargic, no doubt, interrupts one's daily life. Symptomistic illnesses almost, always, interfere with one's occupation, emotional, sexual, and interpersonal relationship. Plainly, it affects the individuals sensory of the "pleasure principle", psychologically speaking, altogether. Manic or "clinical depression" answers the question of the rise in suicide within the "black", or Pan-African community. The black race is experiencing an increased feelings of unworthiness, self-pity, self-blame, hopelessness, and agitation that in many cases have or are leading to the rise of suicide and suicidal ideations within the black community. Often the symptoms are not present, however, once they are visible, the most vivid delusion is the feeling of utter unworthiness.

Manic Syndrome

As far as the black race is concern is far more than sad affect. This syndrome stretches beyond irritable or elevated mood. Amid a manic episode or repressive act. The individual almost always exhibit psychotic delusions of grandeur. Religiosity is one such delusion. Religion in a formal sense is neither neurotic nor psychotic, as a matter of social record, many blacks came from homes where attending church and seeking close spiritual counsel to guide one's life is very much the norm or common. However the delusion of grandeur are visible in two aspects. (1.) In light of someone who has not attended, is not attending, or was not "raised", or trained, in a home that encouraged the usage of religious rituals as a practice. Suddenly, this individual believes he/she has a close connection "God", a god, or some supernatural being; this can also include visitations of aliens, or beings not of this planet. Auditory hallucinations of angelic voices, or instructions are also part of this episode. (2.) From an individual of religious upbringing and practices, who can make no logical connection with why he/she suffer certain situation continuously. Such individuals blames "God" for their suffering and may not connect certain recurring suffering as part of their decision making process. For instance, car repossession is often the result car notes. This is almost always the case. However, hyper religiosity episodic individual would declare, "God is testing me. He is allowing me to be tested like Job! His word says he won't put more on you than you can bare." The individual can make no connection of his/her car being taken due to non-payment. Hyper religiosity is an component of manic syndrome. People often suffering from this syndrome. People often suffering from this syndrome have hallucinations that "God" has spoken to them or that they have heard from a messenger of "God." Equivalent to major depression, manic syndrome is merely a mood disorder, exception is the black race who often exhibits racing and wandering thoughts, incessant or non-incessant talkativeness, or non-verbal behavior (non-verbal communication), risk taking behavior and development of grandiose schemes and plans. Almost always, the individual seeks, consciously, no need for sleep. Suicide is not desired but is often the result of death. However, agent cause is usually drug and alcohol abuse due to complications of depression; many times leading to fatal overdose.

Bipolar Disorder

Once called manic depression or manic depressive, in earlier periods of psychiatric or psychological interventions. Bipolar disorder is a condition observed to have periodic "crossovers" or alternative displays. These displays or "crossovers" exist between two poles of personality. (1.) Manic episodes alternating. (2.) Depressive episodes. Bipolar disorder can sometimes include psychoses in either phase. Minister Malcolm X (El-hadj Malik El-Shabazz) states, "many black men and women suffer from the dual personalities of "Mr Charlie Syndrome" or "Kill Whitey."

Delusional Disorder

In absence of schizophrenia, or mood disorders, delusions can occur. The most common pattern is often entitled "paranoid delusional disorder." Individuals infected with this disorder will declare, "People are trying to do me harm." I must point out this is no illusion as far as the people of color are concerned. Delusion disorder is bias when discussing it as a psychosis concerning the black race. The black man is substantiated in his accussation that the white race works to keep him down. It is a matter of history: American history, European History, Turkish History, and World History - all of which declares that any race ever invited to the continent of Africa has done nothing but evil to its inhabitants, its culture, its inventions, and its customs. On the other hand, there are more whites with delusional disorder than any other race on the planet. The white race has done so much evil to the black race; in the name of religion, or "God", that they, rightfully, assert the black race could retaliate at any moment or instance. (1.) White delusion - I have done much evil to the black race but I will ask them to forgive me and all will be well. It is delusion to think that you can harm a race of people for one day without that race seeking revenge, much less 3000 yrs of maltreatment. It is delusion to not expect anyone you offend to not await an occassion to return the offense. (2.) In American society, slavery was the financial security for both Americas; North and South. The purpose of European conquest was/is to use free labor to cultivate, legislate, operate, and colonialize land and slavery to build mighty empires: and he has succeeded this attempt though his dispensation has passed. The white race, through the machinery of racism, posesses exaggerated jealousy and "stalking" of the the black race. Individuals privy to this behavior are, especially, white males. This very behavior has led to countless and/or senseless deaths; from Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin. The white race is suffering from delusional disorder because he/she believes that the black race will not retaliate; for religion can no longer contain the transformation of the long sought opportunity to return this debt.

Have they forgotten the slave rebellion? How short the memories are of Harper's Ferry. How quickly have they forgotten the riots of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Perhaps they have forgotten about the Watts Riots. Dr. William H. Grier, and Dr. Price M. Cobbs, wrote a book entitled, "Black Rage, 1968." I was very privileged to have discovered the book. These gentleman pointed out the one thing that the black race, on a grand scale, has failed to use a source of power and insight, black rage, because he has so much of it. Black Rage is a very thought provoking book. It is the raw truth concerning psychoses and major mood disorders amid the black race. When I saw the book I wondered what was inside. The title is self-explanatory, however, I did not know what I expected to read. Although, I can tell you that I was shocked with the truth and sincerity the book provided concerning the black race; blackness and his rage. The purpose of this writing/find is to remind whites, blacks, and others, sensitive to Pan-African struggles, responsible for their mental or behavioral anguish/illnesses - which is expressed in terms of rage driven actions psychologically interwoven in their blackness and punishments concerning such. The worst treatment against the Negro race is the one he commits against himself. As he seeks not to discuss nor investigate the seriousness of his condition, in America and around the world. Only to understand how it affects him at home full circle. The mental / behavioral illnesses of the black race cannot be summed up in basic psychosis or major mood disorders. His / Her problems are more complex than the norm psychotic episodes or illnesses. Dr. William Grier, and Dr. Price M. Cobbs, showed us the door, a way that is familiar to the black man, alone. The quest to understand our disposition that we may determine our fate; and not be confined to the institutional illusions of humanistic relativistic definitions, of what is inferior or superior. Millions among the black race are enraged when he/she observe our disposition, even, with an open-mind. As doctors Grier and Cobbs pointed out, neither interracial couples nor racial black couples are resistant to the power of this rage, in para-phrase. This rage shall make the individual, at some point, obsess his/her blackness and rage against his nemesis and arch-nemesis. Such is the upheaval with the Pan-African community to date; and has ever been since their 3000 or so year tragedy as human cattle unto his desired neighbor but noted adversary. He/She, out of pity of his other, suffer the consequence of denying, through delusion, whether this disposition has any effect on his natural state. Moreover this delusion shall only lead him/her to constant discuss, or reason out the very thing that he denies, only to enrage him/her more. The black Christian, even, is forced to diagnose the reality of his/her Christianity. He / She shall ask themselves, "Shall I serve a "God" that I have been taught?", or rather, "Shall I teach about a "God" that I know?" These are not questions for the unbeliever of whatever religion. These questions are for the believer who dare to believe in life; so much that he is willing to do, whatever, necessary to continue it. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. For those who suggest this book to be for black brothers and sister only, you are sadly mistaken. May the others read this as a passage back from animalistic behavior to that of sanity. And may "God" have mercy on their souls on the "Day of Atonement", wherein they shall reap what they have sown; if not willing to work to retract their sin to bondage another by subjecting them to an illusion or lie. For it was this lie that took form as a literal administration, or kingdom, that sought to be lifted as a visible god and to demonize all unlike it.

Sincerely, Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, Clinical Psychotherapist & Clinical Chaplain (A.C.P.E.)