Instructor: Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere,, (202) 735-7656

Mauricelm-Lei Millere was born on May 28, 1973 minister (Ethiopian- Orthodox / / / ,psychotherapist, poet, philosopher, Black Nationalist, Human Rights Leader.  A twin (fraternal) to sister named Mary-Frances, he had 10, other, sibblings. Mauricelm-Lei shares a dual citizenship in Kaduna State (Hausa Tribe, Nigeria,, and Marianna, Arkansas, United States,,_Arkansas. His father, Johnnie Millere, is a well known baptist pastor, business owner, and he studied biblical ethics and divine science; he was a geat promoter of Dr. EC Morris and Dr. AH Miller(e) (said to an "great-great" uncle). His mother, Nellie M. Millere-Brownlee, studied psychology of counseling and taught christian ethics through the church administration; she was a great proponent of Sigmund Freud & Carl Rogers. The strongest influences, in his life, were his mother, father, and grandparents(deceased). Josephine and Samuel Rogers,