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Tapered Wood Table Legs

tapered wood table legs
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Boomerang Table
Boomerang Table
RetroModern Style Boomerang Coffee Table
1.5" Thick Table Top of Solid, Wood Construction.
High Quality ' Berry Red' Enamel Paint Lacquer Sealed
for a Durable Finish. Distinct Chrome Inlaid Edge Molding.
Chrome Painted Round Tapered Hardwood Legs.
Length 42" Width 24" Height 18"
pink coffee table
pink coffee table
GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN -This little coffee table is super-cute. Hailing from the late 50s or 60s, the tapered wood legs are topped with pink laminate which has thin lines delineating a diamond pattern. The original bubble-gum pink has been faded by sun exposure to a pale, understated color.

tapered wood table legs