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Maple Accent Table

maple accent table
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maple accent table - Butler Accent
Butler Accent Table Olive Ash Burl - 1483101
Butler Accent Table Olive Ash Burl - 1483101
With a gorgeous traditional design and a sturdy construction, the Ash Burl Round Accent Table is the ideal choice for any home with classic decor! This end table will not take up a lot of space, but provides ample room for storage and display! It is perfect in the living room, bedroom or any place you see fit. The frame of this round table is made from high quality solid wood, ensuring great durability through everyday use. The table top has a beautiful cherry veneer table top with a maple and walnut inlay pattern. This gorgeous design is bordered by an olive ash burl veneer. Weathered edges give this table a great antique look. A pull out shelf with a small antique brass pull will add table space when needed. A small lower shelf is perfect for displaying flowers, artwork and more! Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Moderate.

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Maple Table with Leopardwood Top.
Maple Table with Leopardwood Top.
This custom Maple table has a beautiful top made from Leopardwood. This table is currently for sale and on display at "Your Art's Desire" Art Gallery in Minnetonka, MN.
Walnut Desk with Walnut & Curly Maple Desk Chair
Walnut Desk with Walnut & Curly Maple Desk Chair
accents of bloodwood; desk made from live-edge walnut slab. includes one pencil drawer with bloodwood dovetail detail.

maple accent table
maple accent table
Oval Accent Table (Cherry / Maple / Walnut / Brass) (26"H x 24"W x 18"D)
Add a stylish, classic piece to your home with the Oval Accent Table! This wood table has a large oval top that will provide ample storage and display space in your home. This accent table is made from select solid wood The table top features choice cherry veneer and gorgeous maple and walnut inlay, giving it a unique, eye-catching pattern The wood of this table features burnished pattern lines Includes a lower shelf and working drawer for added storage The drawer has a brass plated pull knob Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Moderate.