Cultural Field Trip

The African Burial Ground National Monument (ABG) is a great site to take students in order to teach and incorporate the Six Elements of Social Justice into your curriculum.  The six elements include self-love and knowledge, respect for others, exploring issues of social justice, social movements and social change, raising awareness, and taking social action.  The ABG offers knowledge about the cultural background of Africans, particularly African slaves.  By visiting this center, students will gain knowledge about African culture.  In doing so, teachers can help students understand their own backgrounds and cultures as well as inspire them to educate themselves about their own culture and love their background as well.  Integrated with the element of self-love and knowledge is learning respect for others.  This site will successfully teach students to appreciate and respect everything African slaves went through to obtain freedom in the United States.  Students will explore the history of slavery in America and about how they were treated unfairly by White individuals in America. The issue of slavery incorporates the idea of Social Injustice by highlighting the idea of inequality among Whites and Blacks. The effort of African slaves to gain freedom and defend their rights illuminates the element of Social Movement and Social Change. ABG raises awareness of the hardships that Africans suffered with relation to slavery. Before, individuals would pass through this site without knowing the history behind it. But, ABG raises awareness because of the monument that has been built behind the museum to remember the people that were buried in that site. Lastly, ABG took action by first building a memorial for the African burial after 16 years of discovering the site. Activists advocated for the rights of the remains and voice their thoughts of what should be done to the burial ground. Even though individuals have a strong opinion of the memorial, people have gained interest to pay a visit to the burial ground. Students will learn a lot about this site and pass their knowledge and understanding to others.

Created by: Madeline M. Almonte, Lindsay Kogen, Katherine Collazo