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Zebra Decorated Rooms

zebra decorated rooms
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Colorful living room: Pink + turquoise + zebra print by decorator Joe Nye
Colorful living room: Pink + turquoise + zebra print by decorator Joe Nye
Wowza. Normally I don't go for this kind of thing, but I find it hard to resist symmetry and fabulous color. (And pink, if I'm being honest.) Decorator Joe Nye was going for retro resort glam (give a holla for La Jolla!) in this L.A. living room. Curtain fabric is Scalamandre's Samba Stripe. The French Directoire daybed in the back left-hand corner is covered in Danby Aqua cotton by Robert Allen and welted in Lee Jofa's Crescendo Suede in rosetta. Its fuchsia and white pillows are Pali Garance, an iconic Manuel Canovas print. The turquoise chairs flanking the sofa are from Downtown; 1950s bar table is from Nick Metropolis; zebra stool is from Ames Ingham; pink and white Dhurrie rug is from Nathan Turner. Photo by John Coolidge, House Beautiful.
Contemporary Gothic Living Room
Contemporary Gothic Living Room
This black and white living room features fifteen floor to ceiling windows with Gothic touches and red accents. I had the ironwork custom made to recreate how the trees move in the wind, right outside the windows. If you look closely, you can also see my black and white platform shoe displayed under a bell jar by the lamp. There's certainly no shortage of drama here! -Design by Champagne Chic Interiors

zebra decorated rooms