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Rustic Country Decorations

rustic country decorations
  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something
  • Ornamentation
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Country Woodworker: How to Make Rustic Furniture, Utensils, and Decorations
Country Woodworker: How to Make Rustic Furniture, Utensils, and Decorations
Now in paperback, this immensely popular and stylish how-to book provides practical information and design advice for artists, craftspeople, and woodworkers of all levels of experience. Step-by-step instructions for eighteen projects detail how the work can be carried out using simple tools and mainly traditional methods. Handsome color photographs illustrate and identify a wide range of rustic furniture and artifacts. There is also a brief history about each piece and a handy tools and techniques resource section. With Country Woodworker, anyone can add beauty and charm to his or her home.

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Set of two owl shelves in white and blue home decor nursery bedroom bathroom
Set of two owl shelves in white and blue home decor nursery bedroom bathroom
Primitive Little Owl theme shelves, perfect for bedroom, nursery or bathroom! In Powder Sand and Cool Mist blue. Available in many other colors, distressed -or not! See my profile for info on my stuff & find out where you can get it!
Rustic Star Ornament
Rustic Star Ornament
THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD! This 5" metal ornament has been hand-painted to give it a rustic look. It features a 6" string of twine, perfect for hanging on a tree or doorknob. Makes a great decoration on a gift-wrapped package!

rustic country decorations
rustic country decorations
60" Giant Life-Size Pop-Up Country Rustic Snowman Christmas Decoration

Giant Pop-Up Snowman Decoration
Item #78510002
Charming snowman wears an earth-tone country-inspired outfit complete with brown overalls and a long-sleeved plaid shit accented with soft faux fur.
His pants feature felt Christmas trees and a snowman head
Large, shiny snowflakes act as buttons for his shirt
Stands upon a round white base
Snowman comes compacted for easy set-up and storage - just one turn of a knob and snowman is up and ready to go!
For indoor decorative use only
Dimensions: 60"H x 24"W (at widest point)
Material(s): fabric/plastic/man made materials