Home Modern Decor

home modern decor
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moodboard for my home makeover
moodboard for my home makeover
The first photo is of my actual living room, manipulated in photoshop to reflect changes I want to make (look in my set "design-y stuff" to see the before photo) many of these things already exist in my home ... it's "just" a matter of a paint job here and there, curtains, new rug, upholstery and more. Still undecided on paint colors. art on living room wall: matteart on etsy many of the fabrics: amy butler rug and table entranceway: ikea (though I really want an original Saarinen) best viewed LARGE! for more and for my inspiration boards, visit my set "design-y stuff"
opulent living room in expensive home with fireplace
opulent living room in expensive home with fireplace
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home modern decor