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Quality Baby Clothing

quality baby clothing
    baby clothing
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Baby's bib
Baby's bib
This baby bib was part of a collection of textiles donated to North Berwick museum by Miss Annie Young of North Berwick. As it was made of towelling it was durable enough to withstand a great deal of washing - an essential quality in a baby bib! This white baby bib is made from a thick towelling oblong. It has a small semicircular dip at the top edge to allow a comfortable fit around the baby's neck. It is decorated with all the letters of the alphabet and has a Greek braid style frame and fringed base. Baby bibs were and still are an essential part of a child's attire. This example, with its alphabet in relief lettering, was both decorative and functional. Accession number - 1994.1217
Organically Baby: Organic and Fair-Trade Baby Clothes and Toys, Safe Wooden Toys
Organically Baby: Organic and Fair-Trade Baby Clothes and Toys, Safe Wooden Toys
baby body cast Organic Baby Clothes, Organic Toys, and Natural Wooden Toys Are Our Specialty! We search far and wide for the very Best Selection of high-quality Organic cotton infant and toddler clothing, ORGANIC Cotton Plush Toys, Organic Cotton Snuggly-Soft Baby Blankets, and Wonderful Child-Safe Wooden Toys! Our super-soft organic baby clothes, organic stuffed animals, and soft toys are made of 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC cotton! All of our baby clothes are made with great care in FAIR-TRADE facilities.

quality baby clothing
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