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Bjorn Baby Products

bjorn baby products
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Bjorn & Me shaved heads
Bjorn & Me shaved heads
Bjorn (one of my 2 new housemates, I found an awesome 3 bedroom house and wanted to live with some good friends) had this crazy idea to become a nazi. No, just kidding. Thats horrible, but, we still tease him about it, especially because he has all these typical swedish clothes that he wears. Which, with the shaved head, actually do make him look like a nazi/skinhead in northern europe (who I always liked to get in fights with when I grew up in Sweden). So he had this crazy idea to shave his head, and keep it shaved, and since I needed a haircut anyway we shaved eachothers heads this time. He has this coconut oil that youre supposed to rub in the skalp after you shave it, he got from some indian bazaar store, they told him that they use that in india all the time after they shave the head. So...well, everyone needs a hobby right? I guess he's a bit bored here so far so he comes up with shaving his head 3 times a week (*shrug* ;) - but hey at least i get to tease him for being a nazi. I kill you tomorrow Bjorn, fucking nazi.
Aiden is with me wherever I go!
Aiden is with me wherever I go!
Thanks to baby bjorn my first son Aiden is with me wherever I go! The picture attached was in the middle of me cleaning the house and doing the dishes. Now that he is getting bigger, he sits facing forward and gets to explore and see everything Im doing. It brings a closeness like no other product I have ever tried. I have seen the babysitter balance but unfortunately since I am a single mom receiving no child support I can't afford it. I would however love to win this contest so I could give it a try! Its so time consuming taking Aiden out of my baby bjorn carrier and strapping him into his chair. With the balance I could simply take it off me and sit him down!

bjorn baby products
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