What does "Free" mean

The phrase may sound very obvious, but just imagine that each and every night when you wish to share some time with your family and friends, you can´t even afford a candle light to see who is there in the dark.

In many places - including major cities, there are simply no public lights. Nor on the "street" or in the houses. This is not only during "Lights Out"(When the power supply fails), but whole areas as big as villages are stuffed with hundreds, even thousands of people walking round in pitch dark, whithout beeing able to read or write, and knowing who the tall dark man passing you on the narrow path is. This is the daily life of many africans. 
Imagine that almost everyone in the world have a cell phone. Every time a person in Africa wishes to call somone, he pays round a dollar for only 10 minutes. He buys a card at a small wagon, an has no influence on how much it costs, since huge companies rule to an extent that gives them access to even paint people private properties in their phone company colors. This can be what he earns in a day. And going to a net café may even cost the same. 
Transportation is most often by foot, since driving is very tough, since the roads are bad and many drivers pays little attention to the compfort of the passengers. Some buses hardly have breaks, and uses stones underneath the wheel when stopping.