Every day witchcraft, superstition, blind following of traditions and superstition,
mutilate, sickens, and kills hundreds of people.

AfreeAfrica want raise awareness and lighten up the dark areas.

Superstitious Circumcision in African tribes.

The worst development is seen where very highly educated people are blindly following the customs of their Tribe with no sense of trying to see what is actually taking place right in front of them

This is what is happeing today in 2013 in Nelson Mandelas Xhosa tribe.


Homophobia in Africa

Homophobia is predominant in Uganda and many places on the African Continent. In Uganda even the majority of the Government have agreed on perusing persons and some even wish to kill homosexuals. Homosexuality is scientifically proven to be irredeemable. The preference for ones own sex is a condition being seen since before ancient times and it is and will exist as long as humanity.