Refugee Reunion Project

The African Refugee Hometown Reunion Project

The initial goal for AfreeAfrica, is the enhancement of conditions for millions of Africans
 lacking access to fulfilling their most basic needs.

Unfortunately there is nothing new to that, and westerners have even gotten too used to
hearing about the harsh living conditions in Africa.

One day Europe woke up with hundreds of
thousands of refuges at it´s shores.
The problem suddenly started to become a very local,
especially for shores of Southern Europe.

AfreeAfrica´s prime mission is to build the first of eventually
55 fully self sustainable organic African villages.

Adding green technology and modern agricultural Green Tech methods,
which most people even farmers, do not know the existence of - yet.

It is possible to not only survive,
but to thrive from local sprouts, mushrooms & super foods grown
both inside and around a very limited piece of land.

The biggest challenge in EU right now, is the migration from
Africa to EU. It seems there is a complete lack of proactive counter action.
Health workers and volunteers rush to support,
and the situation is desperate, but who would have the ability
or even courage to suggest a master plan to help out the situation, and would this ever be possible?

With one hand EU gives enormous grants to EU farmers,
a protectiveness which has prevented development of most African farming initiatives.
Now if EU granted these farmers just a fraction of the Euro
coins which are poured into the EU soil and supported them with the
know-how of hyper modern agriculture, imagine how much more this would
change the local situation on the local farm village, and thus drastically
dampen the motivation of young potential farmers to flee their village, country and continent.

First village is destined for Kpong in peaceful Eastern Ghana, on the brink of the beautiful River Volta.

If we do not provide those who are left bored and unemployed in the villages,
dreaming of western wealth and glory
something which is glorified and
better than what they have,
how can we expect them to stay?

This project aims at proving African Mediterranean refugees,
several very good reasons to return back and to start building his/her
own similar sustainable village near his/her own hometown in rural Africa.

Due to statements from both Africans who have lived abroad for many
years and those who have made the lethal trip over the Mediterranean,
it becomes clear that deep inside, it is rare to experience someone who do not

wish to go back to their family and hometown. Though of course only when the conditions are ripe.
Something has to be sowed before it can be harvested.

Please note that this is only meant as an option for each
European African individual to decide personally, if he or she wish to become part of the program.