The basic purpose of Afreeafrica is providing ideas and basic knowledge that can make a difference in the daily life of people who are living with access to very few daily neccesities, and will make a real change for those who really have the need.

Subjects are prioritized not as much for their apparent importance:, since water is of course more important than shelter, but we wish to provide everything at once, which means. When the virtual 3D village opens, it has both clean water, shelter and sufficient health issues are dealt with in the infrastructure. 

AfreeAfrica prioritize like this:

Volenteeres in and outside Africa, write articles about health, and living conditions for Africans on AfreeAfrica and create an important knowledge base for africans to use directly.

Main goal is creating a "HelpBuild3world" village and building it at the exact right spot and re-housing people from their present unhealthy & unworthy living conditions.

Discussing alternative ways to get Clean Water 

Discussing alternative ways to produce and find proper food

Health & Living conditions

Sources of Energy

Modern means of Communication (Cell phones/ Internet)

Economy / Income

Invironment / Pollution