What to Eat

Most people in the world do not vary their eating habits. This counts especially for people who have only few resources available. sThey have to eat what is there. And this means that what is eaten is most likely what their ancestors and parents ate, but this is not necessarily equal to a healthy diet.

Keeping meat out of the diet can be beneficial both, to keep bacteria out of the kitchen and also for the sake of the economy.

Many africans live a very unhealthy life, Having too little to eat, but worst of all, trying to adapt Western habits, or eating from Tradition instead of Nutrition

Often the western and american lifestyle are looked up to, and the children are getting cheep sweets on colored paper, with a terrible consequence. They need energy and their brain will not be able to function properly, plus it often affects their temper an general sense of satisfaction.

Here is how to eat healthy and cheep for one week: Each of these meals are purley vegetarian

There is a balanced mix of proteins, carbonhydrates, calories, natural sugar & fat

An incredible opportunity that many do not take into account is the possibility of drying the fruits that you have in the sun. If you would like a more detailed description on how to save your dried fruits - watch this:


A place to start on gaining information of healthy food and their origin, can be here at African Centre for Biosafety:

During a visit to a plantation in Ghana we witnessed how a farmer told about his ecological 

Morning: Cashew, Mango, Watermelon, Oranges are cut out and placed on a plate

Avoid the following white products, 

White floor

White refined sugar and make your meal as colorfull as possible.

Here is a nice introduction to being a vegetarin in Africa, and why it can be a good idea to start going greener

The daily meal:


        Lots of fresh fruit or dried fruit. Add sereal grains and water is mixed on a plate the evening before, and can be boiled. Do not add sugar, but instead fresh fruit on top. If the porage is too hard and dry, just add a little water an stir.
    Brown bread or Rye bread with peanut or cashew butter. Avocado on this bread with a bit of oil is a very healthy topping and tasts good. 


     Hot meal: Whole grain pasta, with tomatoes  onions, pesto, spices. Keep away from everything white. White pasta can not be absorbed in the stomach.

In between lots of fruit: - at least 6 pieces of fruit

lots of water