What to Drink

Thoughts about handling of  water for drinking.  


Clean water is one of the most basic of all needs.  Ideal would be having a storage with cold water in the ground. The big plastic containers placed on top of the roof is often heated and when water is warm and not boiled, it develops  bacteria. 

A good solution when wishing to save expensive electricity, is using the eCool solution to cool food or drinks in the ground, find it here: http://www.ecool.dk/  

Another solution is clearing water through filters, but of course the best thing is bringing as clean water as possible direct to the place of use.

The transparent Water Bags 
(A potential threat)

Take care with the plastic water bags, not to touch near the hole where you place your mouth. Keep hands as clean as possible before even touching it. 

The staff at the shop may have touched the outer side directly with their hands and may even have dropped some of the bags.

Make sure where it has been stored, where the water comes from and how cold it is. 

Additionally the plastic also may leave traces of it´s chemical components into the water. This in particular is the plastic bags have been exposed to sunlight.   

Waste & Water

Important to note is also the wastewater. Few places are fitted with a public sewer and every drop og wastewater ends up in lakes, rivers, and eventualy the sea, leaving almost sewage floating fleely along the coast line lakes and rivers, during the raining season.

Everything thrown in a gutter, on the road or  anywhere else will eventually be moved and end at the read side or eventually get washed into the sea. Find a place to recycle if possible. When it rains millions of litres grey and polluted water will end at the same place; in the ocean.

Any garbage including transparent plastic, will influence the invironment and eventually the access to water.