Abortion Africa

During the past hour 500 women have risked their lifes by using strange and dangerous methods to overcome unwanted pregnancy. Don´t ever become one of them and do never support this narrowminded way of solving the problem. 

An offical abortion is actually no big deal, as long as you are in the right hands of an educated doctor. 

Unsafe abortion is NEVER an option - there are means to deal with it safely!

Help I´m Pregnant

Help I am pregnant, but I can´t afford paying for an abortion, and I don´t wan´t anyone to know?

I can´t bring up a child under the present condition? 

Unvanted sex, Unsafe sex & Unwanted pregnancy = Unsafe abortion

Unsafe abortion, can kill you, can injure you, can make you handicapped both physical and mentally and destroy your chance of ever having a single child.

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Superstition in Africa kills aborting mothers

Religious preachers will often be the ones which causes the problem, in stead of solving it in a modern and safe way, they try to impose threats on what will happen spiritually.

Do not listen to such nonsense. If you are stuck with this problem you have to seek professional help. Start by attending your doctor, and if you do not have one, do find someone whom you can trust.

No matter what, you are not alone and a lot of people are there just to help you!

Just you have to pick the right ones who can help you. And if they try to talk you into using unconventional and dangerous solutions - they are definatly not the right people.

Prevention in Africa

The best way of avoiding such a terrible nightmare is of course using some kind of prevention. There are many well tested methods - investigate and do always keep them within arms reach. 

Help I am beeing raped

This is a spcial condom that prevents rape, invented in South Africa of necessity 

Condoms are not getting out there?

A blog about the problem of using condoms. Why is only 15 % using prevention, when it´s even free?

HIV and AIDS is affecting millions

Only prevention can prevent this pandemic form spreading.

Less than 15 % get the proper medicine

After a disastrous diagnose have been confirmed, only very few have access to proper medicine.

Even in China they worry about African prevention

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