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African Health Advice

Some parts of Africa is, due to the lack of education and lack of economical wealth, suffering from a lot of health issues. The scenario often looks like this. Too many strive for the western wealth, seeking jobs in the major Cities, while the fruits are still hanging from the trees in their hometown or native village. This is not the case in the Capital or major Cities, everyone are urgently dependent on a solid income and jobs are hard to find. So many get in to the pockets of businessmen who offers only a dime a day.

We are suggesting some simple guidelines on how simple precautions can avoid some of the most basic causes for disease. By changing their way of thinking, changing their approach to diet and living, and in this way influencing their health and life in a more positive way.

Prevention - The Daily Diet

It takes a few basic steps and knowledge to lead a healthy life: 

        Eat healthy every time - Fruit instead of refined sugar, Whole bread instead of white bread

Eat the healthy fats, like Omega fats from some fatty fish and avoid fat from animals and their milk.

        Mental health - think positive act positive!

        Daily Exercise - walk or exercise every day. Make hard exersise for just 1 minute a day 3 times a week, is enough.

        Rest and Sleep - take both into account. Important to sleep when it is dark and not visa versa.

The body has an inner natural clock - keep on time and stay healthy.

By eating only the vegetables and fruits available from the nature it is possible to maintain a healthy body. Searching for nuts and fruits has been the task for our ancestors for thousands of years. It is not necessary to always cook vegetables for hours, and eating meat every day. The more you cook, the less is left of vitamins and minerals. Eat it as close to how the source and it will contain more nutrients.

Eat at least 6 pieces of fruit a day!


The Lethal Tirbal Enharitage

Sick and un rational primitive rituals, black magic and witch craft is still taking place today all over Africa. often showing a complete lack of respect for human emotions, and the consequences which some of their strange an of ten mystical rutuals may impose on their participants. It may be an ancient tradition which is followed blindly, without anyone ever having dared to intervene or question the actions taking place in secrecy. Or it can be a single person proclaiming  himself a "Doctor" or a priest who stigmatize defenceless victims for being sent from the devil or condemned witches and haunted accordingly. 

But one would imagine this can only take place in the furthers rural areas, but this is far form the case. Highly educated people in highly respected circles who are born into a surtain tribe, will often blindly follow the path of their ancestors, blindly following a tradition which may be mutilationg chldren and which may even take away children from their families.
Even today when almost every living person, including children have access to knowledge from the palm of their hand, namely their phone and by access to the internet, 

Evil Witch Craft in The Central African Republic

When things has gone terribly wrong
(Advice form Doctors)

The lack of knowledge can lead to intake of not only un nutritious foods, but also un prescribed or the wrong medicine, causing the situation to worsen. What can be done when such a situation has been taking place for years. 

We try to engage doctors all over Africa and doctors with out borders, from other countries who snow of these conditions and who and contribute with  advice on how to prevent and stop the cruelty and to come forward with advice on a treatment when its already too late.

This counts for: 


False medicine poisoning

Illegal Abortion gone wrong

Male Circumcision

Female Circumcision