The Round House

Construction Competition 

11 different teams, consisting of round 70 international building constructor students from Via University College in Horsens Denmark, have created 
11 different suggestions for the common house which is intended as the main building for the medical center and sustainable hot spot for green tech innovation in Africa, 
to be placed in Eastern Ghana (West Africa)

Please leave time for loading each of the projects:


Introduction to the Assignment at Via Univeristy

Team 1

Community house Ghana -Group no. 1.pptx

Team 2

International projectgroup2.pptx

Team 3

International days Team 3 ‎(2)‎.pptx

Team 4

Kpong Community Center - Group 4.pptx

Team 5

Isert City-International Project Days- GROUP 5.pptx

Team 6

International Project Group 6.pptx

Team 7

Præsentation group 7.pptx

Team 8

The house in Kpong Ghana - Team 8.pptx

Team 9

International days Team 9.pptx

Team 10

Team 10.pptx

Team 11

group 11 INTER WEEK.pptx

Thanks for contributing with your interest in a healthier and more sustainable Africa. We have an important mission, which is making a happier life for millions who are still short of the most basic supplies, like clean water, clean clothes and a healthy decent home.

Afree Africa is organized form Denmark, North Europe. We are people from both inside and outside Africa, who are truly concerned about the condition for some of the most needy people in Africa and we believe this is closely related to the infrastructure of the society and down to how every bit of a village is functioning. Keeping it the most natural way, and obeying the laws of nature are fundamental for building a truly sustainable society. When i.e. grey water is not brought through treatment plants and garbage is piling up, it creates a larger and larger problem. Instead recycling can turn this very problem into a resource. Plastic can take up to 1000 years to degrade, and at present time entire islands of floating plastic is seen by seamen in the large oceans.  We wish to support a more energy free, cleaner and easier way of living. Donations for spreading information about health issues and for other major issues being present, is of major importance for the likelihood of making a change for a truly free Africa for those who live there and the oceans
and nature which we are all dependent on. 

Initiator and responsible for creation of AfreeAfrica and especially the "Isert City" project in eastern Ghana, building the 
"House of Health & Green Innovation", is music therapist and entrepreneur Lars Hansen.

AfreeAfrica youtube channel :