Overview of the interests and discovered options of AfreeAfrica´s future community

Green Energy

This program was produced by "Science for the Public", October 25, 2011. Gang Chen, PhD. Soderberg Professor of Power Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This innovative design has been getting a lot of praise! Professor Chen gives a brief overview of current methods of producing solar energy, and he explains how the thermoelectric effect can be used to convert solar energy into electricity. Dr. Chen demonstrates the innovative solar thermoelectric generator (STEGs) developed in his lab. Devices of this type are very popular (and inexpensive) in Europe and China.

Practical implication of Thermoelectric cooling

Here is how thermoelectric cooling can be implemented. Imagine the sun burning down all day and you have to work in the plantation or agrophonic garden inside a greenhouse. A simple hat with this technology integrated would make it possible to have the outer part of your cap burning hot, and the inner cooling your head, instad of having the annoying sound of a fan going all the time.
The cap is yet to be produced, and how about a suit which cools and protects your whole body via small tubes circulating the coolness for an optimal body tempreture.

K.R Shridhar´s Bloom Energy Server

It eventually came out in and around 2010 the Bloom Energy Server, often named the Bloom Box, here the wonder fuel cell is described by it´s inventor Mr. K.R Sridhar

Greentec Africa

How greentec can change lives in Africa:

What if technology were able to change the deprivation of millions of people who have no access to either electric stoves, boiled water or sanitation or even light at night, partly due to lack of energy. By integrating the latest ideas emerging from the latest science of solar energy, there are emmence opportunities. Here are some ideas which we are watching, survailing and considering to integrate with the House of Health & Green Innovation Project and the many other sustainble buildings which will follow.

One way to hinder the crops, vegetables and fruits to get burned off is to isolate it in closed systems. These systems are being tested in Japan, and this is a very exact science which is done by experts from the University of Chiba.

Here is what´s to be sorry for


Green Algae Saves Lives

This video shows how a simple green algae has changed the quality of many lives in Togo. A remarkable achievement as an elderly pair from France succeeds in boosting the health of people living in this remote village. Even the chicken are benefiting from these micro algae which are grown on the abundant sunlight, water and nutrients coming from natural sources..

IAgriculture is the very basic for feeding the population of the World. A crusial issue is how to grow crops on land which gets warmer and warmer, and the ability to keep and store water and moisture for plants to grow. 
Mr. Stephen Carr explains how much more efficient the systems of watering plants can get if the moisture is stored right and how acces to the roots are optimized using a new invention.

Cold Fusion

It first appeared in 1989, claimed by Pons and Fleischmann, but the Cold Fusion theory was very hard to evaluate, since no one was ever able to reproduced the claimed additional energy coming out of the process, which thee original theory promised.

A couple of years ago Mr. Rossi from Italy, claimed he and even showed a whole container producing more than 3 times the entered power from the grid.

Lastly Parkhomov a Russian scientist has been able to replicate the Rossi experiments, and to clearly prove that it is much more that hot air.

This video is both English and Russian

Contour Crafting

The principle of Contour Crafting (Printing Houses)

Here is how it works

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