Important Inventions

One person in particular is at the very forefront of speaking about the most necessary interventions needed for the future of green growth. 

Jeremy Rifkins

Advisor to EU and the Chinese government

A major change is taking place, and what are we to do about the challenges which are so important to act upon today.

What important inventions will lower costs and increase health conditions in hot areas with scarse water reserves.

Here are some examples:

How to get clean water?

Purify water on the spot - 5-6 hours in the sun and you have 11 litres ready to drink. 

How to keep water cold and free of bacteria?

Keep the water cold, without using a single penny on electricity, by storing it in the ground. Can be hard to get in Africa, but it is possible to place a kind of tube or cylinder into the ground and can levitate the items up and down, so here is a solution that may be used to store water bottles.

There are several version including one for storage of food. 

Google map makes things clearer

Google has developed a genius tool "Map Makerpedia", that makes it possible for humanitarian organisations to ad for instance places where its possibles to get:

Important resources like:

Clean Water 


Water for plants



Medical Care

How do i store fresh fruits and vegetables?

It is not necessary to put every fresh food in the fridge, instead take some fruit and even vegetables cut slice them in pieces and place them in the sun to dry.
It will turn into a delicious snack.
Where there is no water, bacteria have a hard time so survive, one way of getting rid of bacteria. 
Read more here:

What are the actual obstacles and options for the poorest
people round the Globe. By president of the World Bank Group,
 Anthropologist Dr. Jim Yong Kim


Here are some of The World Bank´s important goals:

And a very good infographic:

Advice on how to get access to a digital diagnosis when in rural areas:

6 bill mobile phone users World wide

70 % in developing countries

Watch this on National Geographics

House´s can be build out of old Containers

On Hawai New Toilets are dry toilets